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AVKO will never sell or distribute your contact information or ordering history to any other company, entity, or person.  AVKO will never send spam messages but reserves the right to send messages via any medium regarding an order, payment, or other inquiries. 

AVKO will send e-mail messages to those on our newsletter subscription list (see Newsletters to see what we typically send out).  These messages are sent out, generally, twice a month but special messages may be sent out from time to time with announcements, updates, or other relevant information we deem important to our members. 

By ordering from AVKO and providing an e-mail address, you will be put on our newsletter list, sent out by Constant Contact.  You will receive a subscription confirmation e-mail in which you will have to click a link to consent to receive any actual newsletters from us.  Additionally, at the bottom of every e-mail sent to the newsletter list, a link will be made available so that you can be removed from the list automatically and without penalty of benefits of being an AVKO member. 


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