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AVKO Advertising Resources

From here, you can find resources to advertise for the AVKO Foundation, including our promotional videos, print materials, the catalog, and pictures and banners for websites. 

Advertising Opportunities

Quid Pro Quo Advertising Opportunities include:

  • Banner swapping
  • Ad space in respective printed materials
  • Other

Paid Advertising Opportunities include:

  • Back cover space of AVKO books in 3-ring binders
  • Inserts into shipped orders
  • Inserts in the AVKO catalog
  • Ad space in the AVKO catalog
  • A link and banner in the AVKO newsletter
  • A banner/button in your directory information
    (text listing available for free for current distributors)
  • Other

If you would like more information on advertising opportunities with the AVKO Foundation, please contact Brian

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