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AVKO Can Help Adult Literacy Organizations

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To Teach a Dyslexic Video Clips

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Setting up Programs and Initiatives:

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Download your free manual for setting up an Adult Education Course for Volunteer Tutors. This gives detailed methods of establishing the course and securing cooperation from schools and securing cooperation from local and national organizations.  Learn how to avoid some of the common pitfalls of setting up such a course, including alienating teachers and not advertising. 

Download AVKO's free pamphlet entitled How to Set Up a Community Education Course for Adults Whose Children (OR SPOUSES) Have Reading/Spelling Problems.  Read the pamphlet and then give it to the Community School Director or a principal and make sure they begin planning. 

An Open Letter to All Educators and Parents: "Why Can't Our Adult Community Education Classes Help That Minority of Parents Who Want to Learn How to Help Their Children Learn to Read and Spell?"

Workshops and Training:

AVKO will present workshops at Adult Literacy Conferences.  Watch Don take an adult dyslexic and in a matter of minutes get him to instantly read the word maliciousWorkshops may be tailored for individual organizations to accommodate specific needs and requests. 

AVKO will train tutors in AVKO's methods and philosophiesTutor training resources are available for free with membership as well for those who wish to teach themselves.

Materials that Adult Literacy Programs should own:

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