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English as a Second Language (ESL) Learners and Teachers


AVKO's resources for learning English as a second language include beginning phonics instruction; dictation exercises for translating normal, sloppily-spoken English into proper English; and free readings for comprehension. 

Useful resources for ESL education:

  • The Teaching of Reading and Spelling: Starting at Square One
    • A beginning reading and spelling curriculum that teaches reading, the essential phonics, spelling, keyboarding, and handwriting AS the alphabet is taught in a special systematic method with fully decodable words. The learner is treated as an adult. 

    • Free with membership as an e-book.

  • Readings for Fluency
    • Beginning reading lessons that focus on speed of reading by phonic patterns and not just by the "picture" the word makes.  Sentences are presented in different fonts.
  • Speech to Spelling
    • Dictation exercises to help translate normal, spoken English--the "did juh's, usta's, sposta's, should of's, etc."--into the proper, written English of "did you, used to, supposed to, should have, etc." It also helps those learning English to understand the "Wuddta yuh wanna do?" phrases through the back door of spelling exercises.
  • The Reading Teacher's List of Over 5,500 Basic Spelling Words
    • A listing of the most common and most frequently used words in the English language. Basic proficiency in English requires the knowledge of these words. They are listed in order of easiest to learn to the most difficult as well as in alphabetical order with the difficulty level of each word assessed on a scale of 1-20.
    • Free with membership as an e-book.
  • The Tricky Words
    • Lessons that focus on the words that even native speakers have difficulty with, including the most confused homophones.
  • Word Families in Sentence Context
    • A listing of word families in the English language, with the most common words given in sentence context.  Boost vocabulary the easy way with these short sentences.  Also useful for dictation exercises. 
    • Free with membership as an e-book.
  • Free Readings for Comprehension
    • Short anecdotes and funny stories that are extremely useful for gauging reading comprehension.
  • Free Curriculum Consultation
    • Contact us for more personalized recommendations.

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