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AVKO is looking for a non-profit organization to possibly take over our production and marketing.  We believe that, once tapped, there are markets that present endless opportunity for the dissemination and utilization of our products, materials, and methods; that is, if and when our resources are found out to be what they are on the mainstream level--useful, simple, and rudimentary.  Ironically, it is partially these three things have kept us from becoming mainstream.

Not only is there a large American market, but there is an even larger international market for our materials that needs to be tapped.  The Chinese, Japanese, Russians, and the entire Arabic-speaking world are all without the Roman alphabet.  AVKO has a method of teaching our alphabet that speeds the learning of reading and spelling that will not interfere with the traditional methods employed by the educators in these countries.

Even if you are unwilling to take over AVKO at this point, but see the value of our products, materials, and methods, we are happy to form partnerships, networks, and form other valuable resource links in the market. 

 We appreciate grants, funds, and donations to keep production, advancement, and technological growth going.

AVKO Foundation is located in Birch Run, MI

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