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 To place AVKO orders for your retail store, please contact:

AVKO Educational Research Foundation, Inc.
3084 W. Willard Road, Birch Run, Mich. 48415
Phone: (810) 686-9283 | Fax: (810) 686-1101

E-mail:  webmaster [at] avko [dot] org

Distributors receive a discount on the retail price of AVKO materials.  You can choose one of three discounts depending on your payment preferences: 

Dealer/Distributor Discounts

50% if paid within 30 days (Net30 Invoicing)

55% if paid by credit card at time of order

60% if paid by check or money order at time of order

AVKO Distributors pay actual shipping costs plus a $6.00 handling charge per order.  S&H can be billed separately or appended to invoices.  However, if your business has a UPS account, we prefer to send the materials UPS Collect (the shipping is billed to your account automatically).

Your business contact information will be placed on our website in our directory of AVKO Retailers.  E-mail Brian at Brian [at] avko [dot] org with the contact information you would like placed on the directory, including phone, address, website, e-mail address, and a 250 character blurb if desired. 

AVKO will supply your store with electronic copies of AVKO promotional materials:
These can be downloaded and reproduced in-house.  We can customize promotional materials to suit your needs.

These materials are available as free downloads off the website.  We will also provide you with everything you need to make the materials yourself.  Simply use the Promotional Materials Request Form.  If there are other materials or resources that you would like developed, please let us know and we will work with you to provide you with everything you need to keep your customers and staff informed.

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