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Teaching Reading through the side doors of:  

  • Handwriting Students learn phonics, reading, and spelling AS they learn the alphabet, not afterwards. 
  • Keyboarding Students learn phonics, reading, and spelling AS they learn the keyboard.

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"Read by Grade Three" is a great slogan but what we need is a practical long term research & development study with the accent on development.  To discover why "Read by Grade Three" is an impossible quixotic dream, click here.  If you want to find out how our universities, federal and state departments of education, literacy organizations, might help achieve 97% Literacy by Age 15 in 25 years or Less click here. 

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Goals AVKO has achieved:

We have found out what poor readers (particularly those with dyslexia and/or dysgraphia) need to be taught (phonics, both basic phonics and advanced phonics as well as graphics, context clues, writing conventions, etc.) and what techniques and materials will help teachers and parents do a better job of teaching reading and spelling.   Over 75% of the words dyslexics cannot read contain phonic patterns never taught in regular schools.  Conversely, over 75% of words containing these patterns cannot be read by dyslexics.  We have categorized these patterns and organized them for easy teaching.   Want proof?

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