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System Failure:
Why has our educational system failed to teach
over 20% of our children to learn to read adequately?

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Meet Don McCabe the only expert on dyslexia who is a dyslexic himself and who will give straight answers and not excuses.  Money is not part of the equation!

You can watch Don McCabe teach a dyslexic in his first lesson to instantly read the word “malicious” the first time he writes it down.

  1. Who are the absolutely worst instructors in our universities?  They are the instructors in the colleges of education.  Reason? Those who can, do.  Those who can’t, teach.  Those who can’t handle the heat in the classroom, get their PhD’s and teach teachers.  Sad, but true.
  2. Lies told as absolute truths that create problems for kids, lies such as our language goes left to right, that kids are supposed to learn to read in the first two grades and then from grades three on up they read to learn. See: Reading by grade 3.
  3. Who are the most discriminated against minority in adult education classes throughout the U.S. ?  We have everything from dog obedience classes to cake decorating, but we don’t have classes for parents who want to learn how to help their kids at home.  But no, the schools flat out refuse to help that minority, that minority that just want to learn how to help their kids at home when they're having problems learning to read and/or spell.  By the way, homeschoolers receive all kinds of free help from AVKO.  For years, AVKO has offered FREE lesson plans to school for such a course, but schools continue to refuse to offer help to parents.
  4. Our U.S. Department of Education has failed to fund any adequate study of spelling since 1954.  No adequate baseline exists today.  See AVKO’s challenge to researchers: Project Spelling
  5. Teachers should be (but are not) taught to read and write upside down with both left and right hands.
  6. Read the classic definitions of dyslexia translated into plain English.

Who is Don McCabe? The Research Director of the non-profit AVKO Educational Research Foundation founded in 1974, Author of over 40 books in the area of teaching spelling, reading, and handwriting, including The Patterns of English Spelling, the only source book (10 volumes!) ever written in which a teacher, writer, or researcher can find all the words in English (American or British) that share the same phonic patterns such as the ci = /sh/ as in social, crucial, and suspicion. 

Review:...”[To Teach a Dyslexic] is more than an autobiography of a distinguished educator.  It’s a blueprint long overdue that school systems can use to teach reading and writing.”  – Carl Smith, Ph.D., Director Family Literacy Center, Indiana University.

Read a Review of Sequential Spelling.

For more info, contact the AVKO Educational Research Foundation.

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