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Readings for Comprehension
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Using Humor to Teach Comprehension

When a student doesn’t at least break out in a grin, chances are he doesn’t understand what he has just read. It can be the result of not knowing the meaning of a word or phrase or an allusion to a religious, literary, or historical happening. 

Other Stories for Comprehension

Try These Resources:

  • Your local public or school library often has many books to discard every year because they are obsolete, tattered, etc.  These books can be great  for the holder of the folder technique (See The Teaching of Reading),  for practicing on how to take notes (See Highlighting and Underlining), etc.

  • Google Books is a great resource of free PDF books in the public domain.  You can download the entire book and use it for comprehension readings, read it for pleasure, or look up (it's completely searchable) your favorite passages of the classics.

  • Project Gutenberg has an extensive collection of books in the public domain in multiple formats that are compatible with Adobe Reader, as well as your favorite e-book reader.

  • might be funny/inspirational reading. It is a weekly humorous column by Claire Theriot Mestepey about a woman whose disability seems to be the least of her troubles. Her first book “My Walker and Other Glamorous Accessories” is sure to be on the way to being door stops all around the nation.

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