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The 5,507 Most Important English Words in Statistical Order
from 1.00 being the Easiest to 21.00 the Theoretically Impossible to Learn to Spell.

Words in bold are homophones (homonyms).

          1.00          I  a


1.05        in is 

1.10        you he out 

1.15        good it me old one see she ten up 

1.20        book come get go love time we car day the 

1.25        that have into today yes 

1.30        all dog hat like and 

1.35        big ice look year boy but 

1.40        air how over can did looking 

1.45        men red at home may 


Homophones:  I/eye/aye   in/inn  you/ewe/yew   he/hee   me/mi   one/won  see/sea/si/C   time/thyme  we/wee/oui   all/awl   boy/buoy   but/butt  air/heir/e’er   red/read   may/May 

 Heteronyms:  have (“hav” v. transitive)  As in:  I have a pencil.
have (“uv” auxiliary verb)  As in:  I should have had a pencil.
have (“haf” half of the auxiliary verb phrase “have to ____”)  As in:  I have to buy a new pencil.


1.50        her was are be going land long man my play saw toy work

1.55        if add away back call cowboy room cat new

1.60      them bad came end fat hand his mother on read this sun fun 

1.65        cars food had hot part run same school show week 

1.70        cow five give got him house little most oil put tea way night 

1.75        box bed down ago eat feet line times 

1.80        about ball gave hard ran will bell do has May milk say stop 

1.85        face from moon pay when bank books mail thing top town wood cap 

1.90        letter more nut page sat save ship so two dear fish tree age 

1.95        bee June law side stay stone game hope low pie six tell 


Homophones: add/ad   new/knew/gnu   read/reed/Reid   sun/son   week/weak   him/hymn   tea/tee/ti   way/weigh   night/knight   box/Bach’s  feet/feat/fete   ball/bawl   do/dew/due   May/may  male/mail   wood/would   more/Moore   so/sew/sow/sol[4]   two/too/to   dear/deer  be/bee/Bea   pie/pi 

          2.00        black class hill kiss last let must not sand sea state what with am art became boat corn drive gun hay off park post well went card pet nest 


2.05        best cup fishing report sing after become comes fast fire foot green head hen three 

2.10      cut lake pig as fall hall name some song without date door outside doing 

2.15        just take bedroom camp days don’t help nice river slow loved ride south 

2.20        cent tall war working asking cover father grow kill left store street telling tip walk bat gas grade nine reading sister son summer tonight dad your 

2.25        calling heat word cows farm mad north us water beside make miles rat they dark feed 

2.30        ring under words bill city gold noon note who any baby called cave every thank tree woods west 

2.35        bay sick butter care east happy lay showing stand think brown coat fox king never older talk along boys 

2.40        yard longer lunch plant pop weeks better ear hands homes map train someone years goods far 

2.45        wall belong rain hour ink lost mark move of outline playing rest sent took anyone bus cats dig poor 



Homophones: must/mussed   not/knot   sea/see/si   hay/hey   hall/haul   some/sum   days/daze   south/South   cent/sent/scent   grade/grayed/greyed   son/sun   your/you’re/yore   north/North   ring/wring   bill/Bill   west/West   sick/sic   east/East   lay/lei   boys/boy’s/boys’/buoys   rain/rein/reign   hour/our   our/are  of/have (when preceded by should, could, would or might.  See footnote on page 1)   sent/cent/scent poor/pour/pore (In some dialects) 

          2.50        an list pot bring cook football luck sleep tent why each joy rose snow win gum then mud sometime spot 


2.55        arm lines cake dance lover much said duck even landing money net open place trip glass ham loves pages rock bear 

2.60      dress fly playhouse bath clean rent test dogs paying seed soon 

2.65        grass race wind alive banker cooking pen story willing can’t egg for made winter eating 

2.70        mile near saying sport ask could dry ears July moved sad sir stove taken things wife large looked pan round sheep shop sky apple now 

2.75        candy hunt likes or dates hunter names rich body gate gone lamp meat paper real around deer drove fort hog late nap role seen 

2.80        adding keep oh walking yesterday bone child handed know less lived pine port told inside spell yellow blow bread march small states bag boats games 

2.85        hunting recall tank would alike doorway hate job killing kind makes pat star being cry want toys Monday spelling 

2.90        flower hats dust ill joke meal mill cool goat key light other reader rope rug something wet worked blue fine forget our seeing uptown 

2.95        table yet also dish fill lumber market parts seven singing toe blank cage count guns push rooms zoo cream four growing hole try 


Homophones: an/Ann/Anne  rose/rows  bear/bare/Bayer   pen/pin   can’t/cant   for/fore/four   made/maid   or/ore   gate/gait   meat/meet/mete   real/reel   deer/dear   role/roll   know/no   told/tolled bread/bred   would/wood   key/quay/cay/qui   blue/blew/bleu   our/hour—or—our/are   toe/tow   four/fore/for   hole/whole 

          3.00        hair saved afternoon helping maker railroad clock falling holding mean row balls block cakes caps harm hills jump sit spring wish given dolls 


3.05          airport hit myself case glad overcome played send anything because brave cart dream gives high milking stamp tan pick start below 

3.10       dime done income pack pipe size sunlight banking base danger pray somewhat drop everyone wanted world beds buy railway sent news roof doll tail 

3.15          earth cross added baseball club maps people pink takes were white barn cups grave lands peach plate sail history lives rule forgive forgot funny own pigs rice short bedtime 

3.20          nail bake foods form lakes larger leg life missing nobody recover ships supper window fished hop lot road thin die kid oven 

3.25          live ton cans inch master bird dinner handing right singer stage used wise banks bats flag mine awake bees bills cards 

3.30          wash able flowers packing talking trade drink remove reported silk bean cattle crop faster grove horn many player snowman worker ant dip doors here saves sunset thanking eggs flower team 

3.35          born deep eight landed March moving sending skin sold walls wide fur killed need price salt soil sound standing plow rings truck wine belt clear gay lard lad 

3.40          contest sunshine ahead himself string tenth cone deal farming laws tops use cold having number somebody caves gray kids schools wave 

3.45          above blowing only rubber teach clay party pool sides still washing yards bud cost full goats lots pal puts snowball brick ever fell grandmother log set making overlook tap very flat pin Sunday 


Homophones:  high/hi   done/dun   size/sighs  base/bass  pray/prey  world/whirled  buy/by/bye   cent/scent/sent   news/gnus  tail/tale  sail/sale  road/rowed/rode   die/dye  right/write/rite   bills/Bill’s ant/aunt  here/hear  flower/flour   team/teem   born/borne  eight/ate  March/march   fur/fir   need/knead  plow/plough  rings/wrings  use/ewes gray/grey  wave/waive  very/vary  pin/pen 

Heteronyms:   lives (rhymes with dives)/lives (rhymes with gives)  live (rhymes with dive)/live (rhymes with give)   used (rhymes with oozed)/used to (rhymes with boost to)  contest (n. KAH’n test)/contest (v. kun TEST)  use(v. rhymes with ooze)/use (n. rhymes with juice) 

3.50  dated draw ranch teacher leave lock office pies towns bark before broke ending ends gift nearly sang by crow didn’t girls giving homesick wee hide later looks shine eats wishing 

3.55   please fight girl point wire wool frog miss phone rested streets tire houses understand wing burn driver safe smart somehow sorry bars beach delay golden jar 

3.60   act rate hits order always learn person ducks farmer getting hopes ready sixteen stars teaching ape ate eye helped prove tie trick yourself apart bells fit load thanks where beat den finger harder dam tooth 

3.65   bright power trust depart change neck rail rented shoe should army found garden lap nothing sailing shipment smoke turn hours pole reach rush shore wings pup grand leaves plants 

3.70   brand crossing lasted paint zone bent country finding grain nose rivers seat space sweet than trains beans cash cents colder dislike early lord mice pans path pulling sometimes sports study trail booklet lack moonlight places remark sale vine coats hear roads bend October pleased 

3.75   snowing headed once passing posted faces strong tin daylight ground mouse plan unhappy drinking aside 

3.80   covering almost bunch true becomes clubs mouth playmate return showed anybody birds bride cheer nights pump wax wild mailed reports bags close neat pull asleep fan 

3.85   next unable chair file flow numbers tar behind great unlike whatever ants first grape hardly longest pain queen steam within ages anywhere beast like mailing jack find 

3.90   postmaster payment blood export forever grey kindly teeth battle discount horse lovely oldest ox holes sack spend spoke stamps tool trips however itself rag rainbow smile traps unless camping forest rides runs swing eyes meet 

3.95   lip letters notes rub cooked ended keeping named arms bet dart dot few keys laying lights reporting works chart handy heads helps inn notebook apples damp fear hold horns there songs hogs 

Homophones:  lock/loch/lough by/bye/buy/bi we/wee/oui please/pleas tire/tyre ate/eight eye/I/aye load/lode/lowed where/wear beat/beet dam/damn shoe/shoo turn/tern pole/poll hours/ours nose/knows sweet/suite than/then cash/cache cents/sense/scents sale/sail hear/here nights/knights wax/whacks great/grate ants/aunts pain/pane/Payne find/fined horse/hoarse eyes/ayes meet/meat/mete keys/quays/cays in/inn hold/holed there/they’re/their 

Heteronyms:   close (v. rhymes with hose)/close (adj. rhymes with dose)

4.00  half mankind brother self staying voted driven floor selling tons dead falls print soft stands removed tag living mat shout tone walked everyday


4.05   rained fix listed brings herself largest rang sin wheat both carry dash inches stated wells keeps lesson matter member reads replace shoes sooner ways legs means rolling storm boot coal lead pony 

4.10   votes bugs church desk covered dressing fireplace planting sets shape tables warm clocks kitten pair swim belonging mix rules sank thinking handle marks Miss 

4.15   display leading planted reward rains suit center lime score smaller stuck bottle hearing kinds overlooked press sons (any more) gets indoors mate picking putting southwest ringing sings tame starting hut 

4.20   western died grant soap young another feeds parted shell jumps main sixty tears death jumping somewhere waters across awoke lets anyway raining to cannot penny 

4.25   charge whenever cape leader roses bears copper cutting everybody sink task track upset wooden branch broken farmers filling ray these bush frank spark tells everything mixed skins trunk carts rather schoolhouse taking cast lark papers 

4.30   speed boss protest rear cares dressed fellow ripe thick catch grades outfit season trace weak airplane bless crown picked tide cuts hanging started needed roll wagon lady 

4.35   pea pounds saving beef players sum bands navy plates slip weed fire offer thankful wanting dozen hoped hose meeting puppy wake covers eaten wheel bond hens rake 

4.40   belongs twin December sidewalk teams basket rushing thinks woke won boots flock glove hike others outstanding clown easy hang happen pond restore seeds spoon step asked blind pass sisters trap no sleeps April 

4.45   quart sounds table besides dug hell lies lips pulled treat welcome workers dresser dresses event fool fork grandfather helpful jail leap morning arrow aunt dame lamps plane stick bit drying meals snowed 

Homophones:  half/have (You have to give half to me) rained/reigned/reined reads/reeds/Reid’s shoes/shoos coal/Cole meet/meat/mete keys/quays/cays in/inn hold/holed there/they’re/their lead/led pair/pear/pare mix/Mick’s marks/Marx Miss/miss anymore/any more rains/reins/reigns sons/suns died/dyed main/Maine/mane tears/tiers lets/let’s to/too/two bears/bares weak/week tide/tied needed/kneaded roll/role pea/pee sum/some bands/bans weed/we’d hose/hoes teams/teems won/one no/know jail/gaol morning/mourning aunt/ant  

Heteronyms:   lead (v. rhymes with bead)/lead (n. rhymes with bed)  tears (n. rhymes with cheers)/tears (v. rhymes with cares) 

4.50  washed between flame painted pure seventeen booked check cookies oats owl pens badly driving holder sharp such cabin opens noise seem thanked cane farms God outdoors Friday mothers 


4.55   anyhow fully stones hunted leaving stock trying dishes higher strange fallen felt goes grace kick November persons proved readers sixth tender tiny tribe cotton daddy fifty shall tower bull earn jars northwest opening 

4.60   payments range teachers clearing dances snake behold drawing fame printed helpless newspaper temper bathing bones sheet logs pains rugs flying smell 

4.65   fee grown relate beloved enjoy understanding heart mostly mount blanks blocks closed jolly likewise plays stream bow jacks twenty kits brain sell 

4.70   needs bound cleaning deck highway ocean parks pipes sailed crops rank spending bite bought alone buying pant shows tiger department 

4.75   points been heard wrote cases crime spoil whoever again boxes charm furs pins shot undertake acting goodness knife melt mend monkey printing races sizes skip brush uncle sheets 

4.80   content brothers children discover fingers might movies ticket lean loud seats together windmill board hung marked nails pillow pride reached watched dine lucky sleeping feeding silly stores indeed yours 

4.85   drum gloves loving turned wrong flash feast steamer hardest I’ll cleaned crossed join dandy dirt drinks lion maid 

4.90   per junk coin glow raw belonged classes dreams learned counting lift none overshoes pointed brought build building hurt locked rocks snowballs wasn’t wore birthday fact letting seal setting shade tools twice wished ones 

4.95   placed movement burning changes health tray counted fail kisses members picture refuse sounded swings began begun brass mills slowly sunny fathers I’m invite jelly renew shame straw dollar poles September shirt weekly listing  

Homophones:  check/cheque seem/seam cane/Cain God/god shall/shell earn/urn pains/panes/Payne’s heart/hart grown/groan bow/Bo/beau bow/bough sell/cell needs/kneads bite/byte alone/(a loan) been/bin heard/herd wrote/rote furs/firs might/mite lean/lien pride/pried I’ll/isle/aisle maid/made per/purr none/nun build/billed sunny/Sonny poles/polls weekly/weakly  

Heteronyms:   bow (n. rhymes with go)/bow (v. rhymes with cow)
content (v. kun TEN’t)/content (n. KAH’n tent)
refuse (v. ree f’YOOz)/refuse (n. (REF f’yooz)

5.00  reaching invited kindness wipe chicken glasses meantime police wedding evening ours pile strings untie hind lone while beg carload follow iron pocket cared eve walks wolf gallon ford schoolmate fighting stump bench delight county


5.05   plans posters quick remarks robe spear already hairs laugh maple meaning rod doctor sewing tires wed her wires maybe wonder 

5.10   nation hated cause knew lace notebooks least partly running those upward weeds bigger eighteen filled fixed plain prices youth fence honey rushed whole peas flew hurry hammer snows pail tents 

5.15   group powers island remain retail sample talks address crash drunk host raise wired bottom clouds cord nor passes roast sticks alarm chop peace sitting I’ve sort torn bob 

5.20   tax tune contain globe sugar fold folder he’s jokes wants feel stood returning inform lend cloud lane 

5.25   owner danced drain program aid amount basement fright spoons glance ruler share agree bushes packed thought turning watered wheels calls kittens floors loads slide 

5.30   scout drug postage import slice dew railroads hello shortly forms lawn blame blast blues harvest hollow lamb painful peaches stair starts cloth frost lined soup 

5.35   eastern improve skill dearest friend express rack silver ax breath chairs lowest record shipments arrows beating hundred sake talked worry write basketball instead lump gather opened 

5.40   chapter station boil facts tube upper barks cleared color loaded stamped wishes seals shades acted stunt windows sew tore 

5.45   rates booklets failed held nurse painter phoned travel stranger withdraw files hotel otherwise pasture wait baked drill nature noted tend weather changing dreamed everywhere uses warmed dolly stayed mind coming  

Homophones:  lone/loan hairs/hares sewing/sowing tires/tyres knew/new/gnu plain/plane fence/Fent’s whole/hole peas/pees flew/flu/flue pail/pale tents/tense raise/rays/raze cord/chord/cored peace/piece tax/tacks lane/lain aid/aide packed/pact dew/do/due lamb/lam stair/stare rack/wrack ax/axe  write/rite/right/wright facts/fax color/colour sew/sow/so/sol wait/weight weather/whether stayed/staid mind/mined  

Heteronyms:   address (n. ADD dress)/address (v. uh DRESS)
record (v. ree KOH’r-d)/record (n. REK kurd)
sake (SAY’k)/sake (SAH kay)
uses (n. YOO sis)/uses (v. YOO ziz)

5.50  oak shower worms zero snap third bitter changed greet robin thousand steps dull hook coast platform remind shut throw timber heap moreover waiting till it’s 


5.55   charges drag highest tasted blade enjoying sickness statement trouble demand dollars enjoyed grapes midnight sliding which gardens isn’t stories month pays arose riding 

5.60   pretty nearest baskets cable frozen proper visit huge nearer spoken stocking dare eleven sure teaspoon chance cheap grounds bases battles does trucks lame rage waited mule 

5.65   votes notice vast bid bunk narrow records younger depend family grows nicely orders windmills china darling front sales strongly comb float jumped o’clock thus middle tired 

5.70   music burned freedom mistake plenty prevent depending strip speaking united chest enter fourteen rise seventy shirts crack rabbit turns becoming stronger training wondering haven’t sadly outlined billing 

5.75   taxes trusting soda voice charming seventh feather freely skate stays beam friends marched calf farther clothing wonderful rode won’t 

5.80   climb expert faint gang gulf backward copy devote fellows keeper sign pushed treated careful creek duty grew worth film fisherman greatly speak eighty hail happens steep Easter 

5.85   subject charged cashed drift expect aim fry cherry stops teaches arch deed dirty reaches leather spit root 

5.90   carried built chicks detail simple reason uncles closer deeds draft owned repair rights bringing greater household render fruit split carpet smoking unto absent baking bottles busy fortnight 

5.95   rolled whom darkness truth lazy capture fifth proud justly skirt arithmetic odd retire candle   

Homophones: it's/its which/witch arose/(a rose) chants/chance cheap/cheep bases/basses/basis does/Duz does/doze waited/weighted sales/sails turns/terns rode/road/rowed climb/clime faint/feint sign/sine creek/creak hail/hale draft/draught rights/writes/rites/Wright's greater/grater 

Heteronyms: records (v. ree KOH’r-dz)/records (n. REK kurdz)
subject (n. SUB jekt)/subject (v. sub JEK’t)

6.00  court frame movie married plus while package waste finish title ashes hoe keen ordering reform sore roots shoot anger porch seems shells 


6.05   value elect former thunder chase starve froze departments numbered rip settle risk sees 

6.10   canning informing bucket melted blanket checking differ officer steal formed missed northwestern tight berry chat hearts muddy yell finest fresh trained worn deliver oxen candles horseback 

6.15   devoted contract impart shouted understood ladies manage gladly returned trim background folks nineteen windy women knowing camel nests rob sight handles lighted dim prize 

6.20   invented lightly male orange southern greatest chum native agent lively replaced kept purple temple begin stairs weave offers visited raised swell mar 

6.25   knows tickets lambs sob catching lately recovered steel flood meets spread mob upstairs inasmuch bike bother nevertheless shaped leads 

6.30   action pictures locate granted idea branches clearly company blew button following invent retain forty fought preach January 

6.35   northern compose gained offering lawns prints retreat strongest winning jaw moment pleasing beard caused chain enough highly owe sudden swift namely turkey pudding sits stole scare tests wage worm feeling (ice cream

6.40   nations hardware solo matters remaining radio tablet olive binding mountain softly useful pairs learning perhaps sharpen Tuesday else painting shake visiting edge hiding 

6.45   object active during square bolt extra coffee crazy mist powerful poem watching closing tribes rim sends answer dancing likely buildings dairy fears marry suffer holy 


Homophones: while/wile/awhile waste/waist hoe/ho sore/soar seems/seams sees/seas/seize missed/mist sight/cite/site prize/pries male/mail stares/stairs raised/razed knows/nose/no's steel/steal/Stihl meets/meats/metes blew/blue/bleu prints/prince owe/oh   solo/so low pairs/pears/pares mist/missed marry/merry/Mary holy/wholly/holey 

Heteronyms: leads ("LEEDZ")  -- opposite of follows.  When it is pronounced "LEDZ" as in pencil leads, the difficulty factor is higher.
object ("AHB jekt") -- that which is aimed at or desired.  When the word is pronounced ("ub JEKT") meaning to disagree, the difficulty factor is slightly higher.   

6.50  golf overcharge spears cheaper request acts couldn't filed pitch linger meanwhile slope gain horses remember worse hooks pants marble hasn't obey puff thirty ladder corner writing 

6.55   telephone labor seasons charging union glory goose rulers membership mild cities hobby pleases vain plum tale hug lessons lie

  6.60   ideal favor priced counter towel friendship hotels necks exchange knee dealing polite airplanes guess bids sway returns thereby throwing ought hunger prince hers 

6.65   location skates degree bonds natives provide checks ease joint fearful graders chickens proven repeat birth brains often seemed pending quilt past tracks twelve deeply finds rabbits says wear 

6.70   located known treatment empty kingdom boards flashlight gifts heaven kettle standpoint suits bind hid silent 

6.75   product question cement romance flight babies coach cheering refund blessing expose sized level needless pour caught flour stating whale catches fade pa good-night 

6.80   damage savage dues matches second excuse hopeful stuff touch apron latest ma shovel we'll grim tumble ugly link single speaker taste newspapers sacks laughing thereon 

6.85   present cure duke informed mass banner berries carries friendly vacation kicked programs seated delightful dating samples spare bowl pulls upon grandma intend paste among 

6.90   correct protect sharply defend force watched animal blaze behalf sleepy betray cheese frankly careless wondered tied juice queer rolls forward 

6.95   drawn reduce serve victory limb unit events patch downstairs grip quite saint savings aren't lonesome shock weaving bloom breakfast therein handled good-bye  


Homophones:  golf/gulf  acts/ax/axe/ask[6] labor/labour (British spelling) writing/righting  lie/lye  vain/vane/vein tale/tail  prince/prints  ease/E's checks/cheques past/passed tracks/tracts finds/fines  wear/ware/where  pour/poor/pore  flour/flower  whale/wail  dues/do's/dew's we'll/wheel sacks/sax berries/buries/Bary’s carries/caries/Cary’s bowl/boll paste/paced tied/tide rolls/roles forward/foreword good-bye/good-by 

7.00  illness advance animals delighted passage wound youngest blown dawn checked serving gaining impress elbow mountains meetings struck latter warn tear  

7.05   judge payable ironing fever sweep accounting bacon frames shadow fancy guy marbles smooth flesh grab I'd field fairly heaps their hereafter sleds 

7.10   female offices route dealers due humble ordered rocky twist joined pleasure cheerful mistakes scared herewith liking merry wouldn't Saturday lose mamma (sic) 

7.15   cottage overdue owns factory tomorrow plead code cried fled paid roar cock heal blackboard awaiting crew blush noble settled skating 

7.20   fond lonely chill corners knot pockets she's 

7.25   section signed magic followed quickly fund mittens reminded wicked feels laughter spy bare shift desks afterwards fourth met apartment 

7.30   improving pavement harbor human peanut clever cough figure flooded weakness details honest mainly ribbon camels heavy until village wearing addresses spoiled heel sled August kindest 

7.35   coward steady studies motive pretend crowd supply habit reply vice remote stain turtle await monster shed cute ashamed fairy writer 

7.40   congress cell freeze slippers buttons dread plains presented colored oranges fried message sells causes fees mistaken fate pencil blessed gown grind 

7.45   dealer advise blouse widow whip afterward agreed peanuts placing questions renewed hidden shooting thousands digging couple forbid ideas refused relating arise sorts visitor you'll tracer naming happened woman 


Homophones: latter/ladder   tear/tier   root/route   their/they're/there   lose/loose (lose rhymes with ooze and whose; loose rhymes with goose and moose)   merry/marry/Mary   knot/not   bare/bear/Bayer   fourth/forth/4th   heel/heal/he'll   fairy/ferry   cell/sell   freeze/frees   sells/cells  you'll/Yule/Ewell/Yul

Heteronyms: wound ("WOUND") -- an injury.  When it's the past tense of wind ("WYND"), it is pronounced "WOWND" to rhyme with ground and its difficulty factor may be lower.
tear -- ("TEER").  The liquid coming from the eye.  When it means to rip ("TAYR") the difficulty factor is higher. 


7.50  conduct obtain respect discovered finished funds weight adore knock machine bleeding groups packages parties stare follows handling explain sober chief herd warehouse faith buyer stockings bows months 

7.55   population elected false student mock statements strain worship double blankets bushel toward peep plums 

7.60   election angle policeman aware listen reasons shelter holds thread elephant brushes colors allow seek thoughts gleam using picnic quack fifteen 

7.65   inspect artist comply shipping information captured provided gasoline resort unpaid vanish decay hadn't breaking habits parent howling pale bundle chose thirteen moments leaf taught creep 

7.70   scale collect carefully improved closet prison circus contains fuel problem sweetheart fruits tread minds socks invoice chosen lists 

7.75   important written carrier problems begins hurried insure perfect really extent thrill bodies cloudy repairs sweater grasshopper wages confine hugs wherever shown bore Thursday evenings too 

7.80   punish rough escape contained investment ruling providing tried repaired healthy entered grasp amounts since venture scold hoping thereof quiet 

7.85   organ measure comfort hundreds potatoes boiler complain excited mighty suffering circle chances ditch monthly selfish biggest hire border lit 

7.90   formal sparrow courts settlement American compare chairman different riddle therefore tour writers burst handsome rating carrot slid chasing drown aunts saddle writes 

7.95   adventure except extend notion clipping nerve buggy famous murder earned hired permit coasting stiff lodge rid beauty folk tries aloud 

Homophones:  weight/wait adore/a door stare/stair herd/heard colors/colours (British Spelling) pale/pail minds/mines socks/sox bore/boar too/to/two hire/higher aunts/ants/aunts  writes/rights except/accept aloud/allowed 

conduct -- ("KAHN dukt") meaning one's behavior.  If it is pronounced "kun DUKT" as in "to conduct an orchestra" the difficulty factor is slightly higher.
bows -- ("BOHZ") as in, "bows and arrows" or "ribbons and bows."  When it means to lower one's head ("BOWZ"), it rhymes with cows and the difficulty factor is slightly higher.
perfect -- ("PUR fikt").  When it means to make something the best it can be, it is pronounced "pur FEKT" as in "to perfect a routine." 

8.00  actions mixture garment sentence carrots guest amused gathering remains sorrow cries misunderstanding desert gathered officers shoulder purse maiden dew overalls slept minute 

8.05   furnish motor rare shopping curl royal useless attend slight decline loose captain perform control poems knees banana hereto stunts stout 

8.10   signs terms expecting parents seldom worried toil liberty beaten strike swiftly answering crush needle wisdom amuse remained stake bolts composed create wears 

8.15   public normal products storage delayed salesman clothes model break propose average bloody bridge growth boast dwell safely sewed angry 

8.20   million motion subjects direct improvement requested guide remarkable hiding stem begging flung though entering reminds interest hungry 

8.25   total protection created verse climate defeat notation perfume although curve finishing ownership admire enclose powder based chamber intended chased revised omit sailor scarf beads rude feelings pencils smiling holiday howl slender 

8.30   depends pupil breast staff wilderness delivered answers dispose rising pennies quit rainy whereas we've interesting wherein 

8.35   tractor students contact topic discharge inviting lying wives compound canyon fasten afraid hem kitty swept 

8.40   equal expected factor term exciting arrest borrow parade churches kitchen gotten insects quarter restless forth husband consent 

8.45   invention central through duties presents traveling claim divided closely pocketbook troubles wrist gentle monument he'd striking theater dried 


Homophones:  carrots/carats/carets/karats   guest/guessed   desert/dessert   dew/do/due   loose/lose (loose rhymes with goose and moose but lose rhymes with news and whose   stake/steak   wears/wares   clothes/close   break/brake   sewed/sowed   chased/chaste   forth/fourth/4th   through/threw/"THRU"  he'd/heed      

Heteronymsdesert -- ("DEZ zurt").  When it means to abandon it is pronounced "dee ZURT" and its difficulty factor is higher because it becomes a homophone with dessert.
minute -- ("MIN nit") as in, "just a minute ago."  When the word means something extremely small, it is pronounced, "my NOOT" and its difficulty level is much higher despite its phonetic spelling.
presents -- ("PREZ zin-ss") as in gifts are called presents which sounds exactly like presence.  When it means to show as in "Channel 25 presents the news" it is pronounced "pre ZEN-SS" and its difficulty factor is higher. 

8.50  local convention disposed compared soul canal ideals property respond progress doctors shouldn't troop advice scream 

8.55   production simply poet values declared swimming cousin foolish agents climbing velvet eager ninth 

8.60   shortage collection suitable confess figured modern limit whereabouts offered scrap confuse containing either empire scorn speaks forests heels man's 

8.65   conducted relation insult suffered talent rye treasure broad dangerous mayor cabbage place properly seeking manner divide giant govern planet mood palm racing pumpkin regarding wit climbed engine shining 

8.70   reflect abroad final common distance reduced several tough uniform bluff excite needles collar worst doesn't 

8.75   preparing president garage restrain advised knocked provides result stations explained mention solid insist damaged notices prayer stern carpenter crept 

8.80   area favors postal enclosed abuse minutes revenge dismiss Bible burnt replied nod 

8.85   type published extending including locating screamed install you've greetings nicest served zebra polar costs 

8.90   adventures addition period collected beyond prepare arrived jury Negro suppose valued noticed shook signal answered shoulders combine pity screen crawl sash prepaid lining 

8.95   correctly general obtained addressing fountain promise suddenly accounts lease plainly interested watermelon linen chores valley 


Homophones:  soul/sole/sol   heels/heals   rye/wry   manner/manor   mood/mooed  palm/pom   addition/edition 

Heteronyms: abuse -- ("uh BYOOZ") to use improperly as in "to abuse a privilege."  When the word is used as a noun it rhymes with goose and is pronounced "uh BYOO-SS" as in the phrase, child abuse


9.00  regular attending daughter entire insured nerves service slavery dealings visits boarding inventory passenger buys fleet 

9.05   corrected republic rifle appears thrown manufacture knives largely tremble partner witness modest prepared tunnel haste alley 

9.10   consider sections complete agreement detailed trial supplies repeated themselves Christmas primary text pupils cheek delivery laid ridge language papa that's 

9.15   objection science enjoyable garbage alter recent amusing brake expects novel clerks induce begged sweetest stroke thumb altogether demands regards ample boy's 

9.20   relations feature produced producing courage future inspection extended managed ounce peaceful piano reel deaf praise English 

9.25   completed clerk argue declare contrast explains confined visitors weigh surely truly 

9.30   reduction consult musical telegram countries surface avenue utter possible thrust claimed quarters dreadful thrilling cliff expressed flatter preacher prospect ourselves requesting thoughtful butcher chalk weary cousins checkers puzzle 

9.35   statue battery plantation publish require admired estate breeze addressed calm utmost forenoon scarlet verses forwarded pace contents couch fare fed 

9.40   comment junior unknown account wealth continue engage touched swear childish current fields haul submit refuge curtain disaster drafts proof barrel sow  

9.45   happier honor popular metal balance plunge manager fitted pause distant entertain orchard forgotten throat towards forwarding surprise weren't 

Homophones:  buys/byes   thrown/throne   alter/altar   brake/break   reel/real   praise/prays/preys   weigh/way/whey   utter/udder   fare/fair   haul/hall   metal/medal/meddle   pause/paws  sow/sew/so/sol   checkers/chequers (British spelling) drafts/ draughts[8] (British spelling) 

Heteronyms: contents -- ("KAHN ten-ss") meaning ingredients as in a table of contents.  When it means to satisfy as in:  "He contents himself with...", it is pronounced "kun TEN-SS" and its difficulty factor is higher.
sow ("SOH") as in to sow seeds.  When it is pronounced "SOW" to rhyme with cow, it means a female pig.  The difficulty factor of this word when it means female pig could be considerably lower, because it cannot be confused with sew and so

9.50  reputation landscape conversation national project medical forced produce scatter refreshments solve allowing device dispute happiest enclosing fault prayers quietly maintain replying view supposed onion lovingly promised steer laughed underwear 

9.55   direction example obtaining suspect drama loan consisting admit castle desire item Wednesday carols madam piece stopped Thanksgiving what's dined 

9.60   personal ruin Christ copies regulation traffic furnished fetch salad slippery debate hospital harness remembered ankle regret evil (high school) sheds 

9.65   appear informal vision faithful measures merchant secure we're deposit loss consist threw gently mumps waist regard snowy oblige 

9.70   inquire arrives costume improvements manners lofty sane treaty unite blooming naked devil smallpox you'd wonderfully theaters decide invoices strikes idle let's 

9.75   directed correction loyal objections princess represent slightly wholesale throughout firecrackers promises machines recently winds attack freshman twenty-one 

9.80   gym foundation tennis dye advising profit guilty incline campus figures purely review traveler bothered cunning headquarters 

9.85   government industry support adjust results enemy acre command costumes decorate gem pearl eighth garters 

9.90   impressed preserve dumb selection holidays selected aspect gentlemen iodine grocery romantic surprised disposing guard explaining 

9.95   region presenting sentences certain recess swallow elevator pattern remit billed 


Homophones:  loan/lone   piece/peace   we're/were   manners/manors   let's/lets   gym/Jim   dye/die/Di   pearl/purl   billed/build   threw/through/"THRU"   waist/waste   throughout/threw out   unite/you knight   idle/idol/idyll  wins/winds  wines/winds 

Heteronyms: project -- ("PRAH jekt") as in a science project.  When it means to predict, it is pronounced "pro JEKT" as in they used a computer to project the outcome of the election.
supposed ("SUH POHZD") -- when supposed is combined with to it is very commonly misspelled as "sposta" even though it is "supposed to" be spelled with the -ed.
winds -- ("WIN-ZZ") as in the winds blow.  When it is a circular motion, as in "a pitcher winds up" it is pronounced "WYN-ZZ". 

10.00  editor increase contracts include wolves respects management valentine rapid remainder geography folly how's 

10.05   discovery difference violet messages stir beautiful flies frighten curtains beneath neighborhood rotten 

10.10   collecting division favored credit justice reserve canary chiefly electric adopted youngster breaks 

10.15   importance respective avoid fortune wealthy furnishing tardy choice twenty-five neighbors toss forehead 

10.20   education appointed energy author pirate mission pickles gaze excepting course 

10.25   design district limited release quoted fashion honesty hedge select dispatch honestly canoe advises automobile 

10.30   natural departure social special dismissed prompt deserve encounter advanced neighbor barrels sandwich awful whose depth led its comfortable attached entrance canned pledge multiply

10.35   violin believe compass finals scarce silence borrowed gallop disturb bathe pumpkins roommate 

10.40   appointment condition required adjustment proposed punishment rescue transaction complying disgrace echo escaped sparrows against parlor filing here's 

10.45   attended arriving engaged usual desires document attention combined planning studied further entry canoes cropped allowed cellar lily sole Indian ha 

Homophones:  breaks/brakes   gaze/gays   course/coarse   whose/who's   its/it's   led/lead   here's/hears   allowed/aloud   cellar/seller   sole/soul/sol  

Heteronyms: increase -- ("in KREE-SS") as in to get larger.  If it is the amount that got larger, it is pronounced "IN kree-ss".
contract -- ("kun TRAKT") means to get smaller.  Contract ("KAHN trakt") is a legal agreement.
multiply -- ("MUL tuh plY") as in to multiply 5 x 5.  However, the word can be an adjective ("MUL tuh plee") as in "multiply handicapped."  In this case, the word has a much higher spelling difficulty factor. 

10.50  transportation instruct system reducing easily adopt pertaining prefer tickled length series instant procure shipped German choose knit (post office) father's 

10.55   inclined items represents yourselves private memory desired neglect catalog moss dining 

10.60   envy obliged creature claims supplied finally voyage decided reverse library losing pieces whisper penmanship potato 

10.65   generation mineral embrace concert perfectly included poetry practice sprinkle sword exclaim safety blossoms seesaw 

10.70   connect weapon dentist century deduct lecture arrive increased interview listening salesmen theme coupon intention crowded seconded stoop listened one-half weekend 

10.75   advantage prospects provision appearing requires supervision reserved constant proclaim views operating angels secret merry-go-round nickels lading 

10.80   attach burden efforts inspire figuring injure reflection laundry furniture search regarded ski grandma's according telegraph custom increasing arranged 

10.85   terrible directions carbon merchants haunted quote janitor sandwiches armor gentleman vow 

10.90   employed deducted portion colonies effort quoting speech installed dictionary neither convince mercy studying oversight angel blossom 

10.95   humor affect firmly accident diamonds elsewhere transit meant 

Homophones:  choose/chews   knit/nit   sword/soared  humor/humour (British) armor/armour (British)  affect/effect 

Look-Alikes:   angel/angle   affect/effect  

11.00  mortal pardon fixtures permission machinery style companion factories suggest colony owing pirates entirely youngsters decorated infant destroy acres sleeve mischief alas firm 


11.05   observation observe attaching depot adorable defective appeared  directly material patterns slipped judging streak presently rendered bishop bananas requests grandmother's nickel carrying 

11.10   method satisfactory strict continued submitting prevail corrections stupid standard 

11.15   humanity introduction exact degrees senior introduce astonish buried volume distress journey wander chimney 

11.20   collections deduction arrange discontinue ghost capable international worthy rapidly vacant whistle nephew 

11.25   issue issued includes situation manufacturing transfer gloomy chapel glitter guests stepped sought cruel independent asks men's French sleeves 

11.30   submitted citizen happiness regardless happily unexpected ache element envelope straight capital ninety 

11.35   appoint resign lectures publishers applied affairs approved deposited minister offend procured vital faithfully bloomers destroyed satisfaction dipped lightning dog's girl's 

11.40   contribute calves process vanity accounting consisted governed paragraph confederation ruined (Santa Claus) completing guessed sister's 

11.45   instructed affair adjusted director entertained realize consigned representing confident frightened secured umbrella 

Homophones:  style/stile   alas/(a lass)  asks(SUBSTANDARD)/ax/axe   straight/strait   capital/capitol   appoint/(a point)   lightning/lightening    dog’s/dogs/dogs’ guessed/guest   girls/girl’s/girls’   sisters/sister’s/sisters’ 

11.50  photograph inquired sermon minor relative valentines violent lettuce 

11.55   favorable width disagreeable doubt dying (per cent) automatic earliest concern divine diamond celebrated soldier shone 

11.60   appeal materials creatures naughty concluded freight mental jewel foul 

11.65   connection earlier mature features credits favorite introduced salmon hence represented major fury grandpa's passed uncle's 

11.70   connected securing resolve scene developed 

11.75   satisfied easier customs gossip neglected stationary canvas courses wrap wreck poison rooster 

11.80   brief construct considering federal families domestic conflict mistress farewell bury certainly barely enable intentions there's 

11.85   medium suggestion justify refer struggle designs operate mirror position soldiers finance accept whirl scratch hither 

11.90   equally complaint advertising methods conviction indifferent inquiring lawyer enforce exclaimed involved pier 

11.95   serious abstract entertainment opera reliable amusement involve purpose substance continues surround instantly believed groan 


Homophones:  minor/miner   lettuce/let us   dying/dyeing   shone/shown   foul/fowl   passed/past   scene/seen   canvas/canvass   wrap/rap   pier/peer   there's/theirs   bury/berry/Barry/Bary   accept/except   groan/grown   favorable/favourable (British spelling)   favorite/favourite (British spelling) 

Heteronyms: conflict --("KAHN flikt") means a major disagreement, a fight.  When it is used as a verb meaning to disagree with, it is pronounced:  "kun FLIKT". 

12.00  conditions instructions citizens services excess mentioned afford relief terror messenger semester explanation rejoice peer toilet receive weighed 

12.05   construction liquid engagement caution operated difficult legal tobacco mode 

12.10   approve admitted attempt commands directors uncertain avail manual beginning 

12.15   instruction ability carnival funeral positive reasonable pleasant rival one's so-called 

12.20   advantages graduation balances dreadfully conquer spirits profitable quotation headache impossible contrary deposits horrible priest image 

12.25   valuable failure conclude concerning operation exceed generous accidents bobbed grief (scarlet fever) breathe 

12.30   knowledge business assist employ respectable charity declaration customer error describe entitle threaten drowned cranberries 

12.35   policy banquet discontinued rarely affection justified salute signature data entertaining moderate permitted progressive strictly discuss hesitate handkerchief farmer's 

12.40   actual publication insurance respectfully pronounce proceed quotations medicine observed dramatic proportion heretofore 

12.45   apply territory assembly considered stomach cabinet height honored spirit misery fifteenth bookkeeping 

Homophones:  afford/a Ford   peer/pier   weighed/wade   mode/mowed   avail/a veil/a vale   error/air/heir/e'er   honored (American spelling)/honoured (British spelling) 

Look-Alikes:   manual/Manuel   insurance/assurance   proceed/precede  

12.50  establish reception quality religion combination opposite historical civic debt furnace republican suggested whence bracelet prettiest trimmed channel planned interests 

12.55   attractive destination industrial moral unsatisfactory advertised prisoner endure balanced valuation exception magazine commander year's 

12.60   expression accord distribute various celebrate consideration confusion encourage engineer concerned engineers vegetable treasurer research neighboring earnest 

12.65   assure affected applies compelled harmony register patient success skinned welfare argument 

12.70   expectation educational imagine liberal operations arranging errors practicing belief patent envelopes budget independence 

12.75   disposition usually notify missionary particular suggesting bored quarrel supplying furthermore 

12.80   assured estimate admission occupied probably cultivate extensive employment positions cashier convinced splendid reckless vice-president purchases 

12.85   effects accepted blizzard midst performance today's indicate 

12.90   crediting notified assemble arrangement source acid impulse companies poverty confirm crediting notified assemble arrangement source acid impulse companies poverty confirm 

12.95   commerce surrounded constantly decorations established vary fairies Halloween catalogs[11] commerce surrounded constantly decorations established  


Homophones:  effects/affects   bored/board   very/vary   ferries/fairies   affected/effected   catalogs/catalogues 

Look-Alikes:  moral/mortal   historical/hysterical   patient/patent   moral/morel 

13.00  expensive considerable districts exceptions effect influence practical omitted 

13.05   urge sincere possibly activity purchase parcel reality issues icy reindeer 

13.10   occupation described marriage unusual complains doubtful horror decent tonsils hearty you're cutest 

13.15   frequent assignment electrical concerns curious colleges excitement league equipment probable scenes hasten servant mother's 

13.20   attain organized memories reckon entitled Latin political received awfully eternal formerly refers bargain contemplate 

13.25   rural comments governor visible agency presume senator composition describing supreme vegetables typewriter shield straighten autumn aunt's 

13.30   civil conclusion doubtless instrument violence furious cedar vigor invitation sketch (chicken pox) niece teacher's 

13.35   confirming disease investigation (fountain pen) sleigh speeches 

13.40   impression experiment magazines assortment cancel instance development succeed 

13.45   percentage approach poultry bonus graduated electricity expense commit customers obligation opposed proceeds grateful friend's stretch tailor alfalfa February bearing 


Homophones:  effect/affect   horror/whore/hoar   you're/your/yore    aunt's/ant's/aunts/aunts'/ants (DIALECT DEPENDENT HOMOPHONES)   hearty/hardy   sleigh/slay   tailor/Taylor   bearing/baring 

Look-Alikes: omitted/emitted 

13.50  ambition realized structure manufacturer commence personality graduating requirements continent renewal believing 


13.55   agreeable strength severe excellent cease 

13.60   liable cooperate attempting additional organize groceries consists 

13.65   accomplish original muscle connections nervous response enemies aviator feeble anxious advisable assisting mystery situated balloon hatred perish 

13.70   democratic interior assigned sense anchor briefly instructor saucers kindergarten mere handkerchiefs day's 

13.75   requirement purposes concrete carriage completion auntie seriously warrior conference exercise 

13.80   revolution literary senate confidence opinion sheer suggestions utterly abandon children's 

13.85   dividend inclusive exactly regularly terribly community proposition vacancy security article disgusted 

13.90   delicate college difficulty credited military yield promptly reverence sincerely develop separated 

13.95   announce accordingly salary pressure summon exclusive revenue absence compel 


Homophones:  perish/parish   days/day's/days'/daze   salary/celery   auntie/ante/anti   sheer/shear   discussed/disgust 

14.00  indicates luncheon locality publications reference scenery calendar relieve democrat 

14.05   indicating amusements accomplished actually solution indicated favorably ceiling arrangements treasury deliveries beggar jobbers jealous pilgrims 

14.10   diameter accuse generally previous despise museum merits whether coarse bicycle 

14.15   gradually estimated allowance arrival examination emergency investigate principal secretary athletics journal particulars victim applying 

14.20   purchased accompany destruction defense personally 

14.25   assign phrase expedition criminal absolute politics dignity mansion bestow chocolate loyalty 

14.30   circulation beautifully gross receives decidedly tongue amendment (all right) 

14.35   occupy resolution naturally inability session establishment responsible society experience reasonably ornament trifle capitol 

14.40   attempted temperature assuming certified proceedings ordinary university desperate examinations merit (parcel post) receiver faults elapsed 

14.45   completely assuring function odor subscription column numerous remedy sacred editorial unpleasant expenses merely cocoon receiving 


Homophones:  calendar/calender   Democrat/democrat   ceiling/sealing   whether/weather   coarse/course/corse   phrase/frays   capital/capitol   faults/false   defense (American spelling)/defence (British spelling)
assign/a sign all right/“alright” (sic) 

14.50  announced readily economic genuine inhabitant tremendous separate boys' 

14.55   circular superior attendance constitution evidence purchasing frequently gracious opposition policies cooperation canceling 

14.60   orchestra audience premium ancient honorable choir effective evident nonsense articles marvelous 

14.65   satisfy compensation removal relieved disappear corporation conceal boundary peasant woman's squirrel hitherto 

14.70   examine glorious admiration opinions successful discussion 

14.75   desirable considerably disappeared literature superintendent sheriff locally earnestly 

14.80   authorized assumed quantity existing triumph fierce discussed interval 

14.85   magnificent majesty scarcely chemistry difficulties profession preparation scientific 

14.90   basis[13] career residence description demonstration registered foreign precious 

14.95   democracy evidently fatal procession Negroes pigeon 


Homophones:  boys'/boys/boy's/buoys/buoys'/buoy's (DIALECT DEPENDENT)  choir/quire   effective/affective   basis/bases   residence/residents   discussed/disgust 

Heteronyms:  separate -- ("SEP uh rit" or "SEP rit") is an adjective meaning "not together" as in separate rooms.  When it is used as a verb meaning "to set or keep apart" as in to separate the two children, it is pronounced "sep uh RAYT". 

15.00  authorize activities deny cathedral 

15.05   compliments apparently examined heavily promptness permanent 

15.10   qualities especially specified disappointed prosperous steadily paradise exercises urgent execute variety 

15.15   auditorium majority religious accurate professor occur occasions seize organization multitude imagined candidate they're 

15.20   gymnasium sacrifice persuaded attitude universal skiing survey 

15.25   theory employee extreme agriculture publicity application congratulate accepting publicity application congratulate abundant instances chorus benefits shepherds 

15.30   obvious resistance determine enormous obligations previously disappointment respectively accordance oppose edition tradition engineering girls' refrigerator intervals manufacturers 

15.35   atmosphere exceedingly unfortunate interfere continually sensible acceptable inspiration mourn succeeded deem 

15.40   duplicate comparison convey certificate ignorant Christian 

15.45   assume applications fortunate brilliant assistant officials challenge references benefit 


Homophones:  compliments/complements   seize/sees/seas/C's   they're/there/their   accepting/excepting   mourn/morn   paradise/pair of dice   edition/addition 

Heteronyms:  duplicate -- when it is used as an adjective as in "duplicate copies" it is pronounced "DOO pluh kit."  When it is used as a verb as in "to duplicate something", it is pronounced, "Doo pluh KAYT."

Look-Alikes:  convey/convoy   attitude/altitude  respectively/respectfully

15.50  sentiment announcement eventually flu institute character grammar passion descriptive persuade 

15.55   communities appreciate inferior substitute positively preference 

15.60   spiritual appearance assurance decision compliance exist enclosure 

15.65   organizations disappoint guardian inquiry maturity administration registration immortal annual regretting council altar 

15.70   mysterious circumstances delicious deceive canceled communicate grieve successfully liquor murmur 

15.75   institution unusually commercial heir commission businesses 'tis 

15.80   attendant physical advertisement specify instinct patience civilization ceased 

15.85   approval circulars distribution exhibit referring scholarship similar apparent accustom merchandise straightened pigeons 


15.95   ignorance elaborate probability materially temporary ambassador 


Homophones:  sentiment/sediment   flu/flew/flue   assurance/insurance   altar/alter    council/counsel   immortal/immoral   heir/air/Eire/e'er   patience/patients   apparent/a parent 

Tricky Words:. assurance/insurance   

16.00  occasion incident encouraging appetite 

16.05   illustrated determined appreciated particularly imagination official columns intelligent 

16.10   acknowledge referred exceptional communication authority cafeteria economy available congratulations executed 

16.15   illustrate characters presence bouquet sympathy economics judgment pursue 

16.20   genius necessary opportunity quantities innocent interrupt distinct remittance definition veil itemized 

16.25   assistance faculty legislation liability glimpse compliment tournament alligators 

16.30   vein accompanied mutual eliminate bosom skis 

16.35   possibility succession pursuit qualified 

16.40   extension wholly applicant preliminary bulletin committed despair 

16.45   appreciation affectionate association experienced commendation illustration adjourned employees delegate debtor prior 


Homophones:  incident/accident   presence/presents   judgment (Am. spelling)/judgement (British spelling)  veil/vale   assistance/assistants   compliment/complement   vein/vain/vane   wholly/holy/holely   mutual/mutuel (as in pari-mutuel)  succession/secession  

Heteronyms:  delegate -- When it means a person who has been elected or appointed to represent a group, delegate is pronounced "DEL uh git."  But when delegate is used as a verb meaning "to authorize or transmit power", then delegate is pronounced "DEL uh GAYT."  


16.50  multiplication institutions luxury gratitude statistics 

16.55   recognize occasional circumstance substituted extremely patronage associate 

16.60   responsibility vicinity mechanical certificates individual bough doctrine petition 

16.65   commencement offense voucher 

16.70   associated acceptance scheme laboratory distinguish mathematics prominent 

16.75   courtesy principle vacancies distinction remembrance reign embroidery 

16.80   preferred galvanized tendency occurs vague supplement foliage 

16.85   illustrations professional capacity committee 

16.90   leisure transferred consequently heartily duly 

16.95   scissors artificial utilize croquet wrought perceive 


Heteronyms:   associate -- When it means a person, it is pronounced, "uh SOH see it", but when it means "to be with or go around with" associate is pronounced  "uh SOH see AYT."
 offense — When it means "a crime," offense is pronounced "uh FEN-SS." When offense means the opposite of defense, it is pronounced "AW fen-SS" 

Homophones:  bough/bow principle/principal   reign/rein/rain   duly/Dooley   courtesy/curtsy/curtsey 

Tricky Words:  laboratory/lavatory  One can labor (work) in a laboratory.  One can use Lava soap in a lavatory. 

17.00  representative immediate correspond exhaust enthusiastic separately specific extraordinary confirmation license agricultural 

17.05   legislature specification exceptionally intimate 

17.10   minimum peculiar statues 

17.15   acknowledged recommended 

17.20   attorney conceive principles intelligence schedule acquire curiosity fraternity controversy 

17.25   familiar definite warrant 

17.30   icicles tragedy conception company's 

17.35   recognition consequence excessive installation distinguished eligible 

17.40   physician corresponding crisis

17.45   absolutely initial recommending colonel possess inquiries peril (whooping cough) precisely 


Homophones:  company's/companies/companies'   colonel/kernel   principles/principals/principal's/principals'   acquire/a choir/a quire 

Heteronyms:  intimate -- is pronounced "IN tuh mit" when used as an adjective indicating a close relationship.  When intimate is used as a verb meaning "to hint at," then it is pronounced "in tuh MAYT." 

Look-Alikes:  statues/statutes 

17.50  recognized exhausted competition practically financial condemn 

17.55   representatives necessity competent accustomed 

17.60   receipt acknowledging attorneys campaign dormitory 

17.65   distinctly pamphlets executive memorandum exhibition partial flourish occurred 

17.70   originally achievement correspondence bureau cordially continuous inevitable 

17.75   correspondent authorities commissioner stationery unfortunately fortunately opportunities descend pamphlet 


17.85   occasionally cancellation immense 

17.90   courteous hygiene indebtedness circuit operetta 

17.95   possession receipts undoubtedly 

18.00  committees recommend solemn 

18.05   consequences cylinder wretched 

18.10   essential ordinarily virtue sufficient epistle 

18.15   immediately facilities characteristic confidential 

18.20   inconvenience recommendation comparatively apology thorough 

18.25   approximate anticipate indefinite pageant sorority 

18.30   acquaint satisfactorily acquainted unanimous  

18.35   unnecessary convenient equipped convenience suspicion 

18.40   scheduled canvass ascertain

18.45   exquisite temporarily remittances anticipation 


HOMOPHONES:  canvass/canvas   correspondence/correspondents  

Look-Alikes:  thorough/through   descend/descent/decent 

18.50  acknowledgment efficient aisles 


18.55   affectionately analysis

18.60   conscience bankruptcy endeavor 

18.65   existence necessarily esteemed counsel 

18.70   desirous definitely thoroughly mortgage 


18.80   sufficiently accommodate anxiety philosophy countenance 

18.85   initiation fascinating ridiculous 

18.90   adequate parliament intellectual privilege 



19.00  politician enthusiasm inconvenience restaurant 



19.10   substantial guarantee acquaintance incidentally ma’am




19.30   collateral approximately discipline 


19.40   criticism accommodation lieutenant affidavit Chautauqua 


19.50  endeavoring requisition conscious guaranteed 




19.80   efficiency indefinitely  



20.10   psychology 









Homophones:  aisles/isles  

Look-Alikes:  conscious/conscience 


[1]Homophones are listed in bold face.  Heteronyms are listed in italic.  Words that have both homophones and are heteronyms are listed in underlined bold italic.  Their homophones and/or heteronyms will be listed below.

[2]The word a is normally pronounced “uh” not “ay”.  The name of the letter is pronounced “AY.” 

[3] When the word have means “to possess” as in to have a good time, it is nearly always spelled correctly.  However, the word have is very often misspelled as “of” in the expressions:

                                Missspelled                                Correctly Spelled

                                should of                                should have or should’ve

                                could of                                could have or could’ve

                                would of                                would have or would’ve

                                might of                                might have or might’ve

Sometimes the expression “have to” is misspelled as “hafta.”  See “The Three Different Words Spelled H-A-V-E” by Don McCabe in the AVKO “Great Idea” Reprint Series, AVKO, 1996. 


[4]Sol is more often mispronounced as “SOH” than it is correctly pronounced as “SOH’L.”  Sol is the only musical note spelled with three letters as in:  do, re, mi, fa, sol, la, ti, do.  It is because sol is followed by la that we normally drop the ending sound of the letter l.  As mentioned in the directions for usage—all these notes are for the benefit of the teacher or tutor, not necessarily the students. 

[5]99.9% of the time is pronounced "DUZ", but the .001% of the time when it is the plural of the word for a female deer, doe, it is pronounced "DOHZ" and becomes a homophone of doze.  Naturally, the difficulty of the plural of doe is a great deal higher than the common verb does.

[6]When the word ask is pronounced so as to rhyme with ax instead of mask, it is considered by most to be substandard speech.    

[7]Technically, mamma refers to the mammary glands possessed by all mammals.  It can, however, be the familiar word for mother — which is usually spelled mama.  Therefore, we consider this difficulty factor erroneous — as the spellings of "mama" should have been acceptable in the original study upon which these difficulty ratings are based.

[8]The American game of checkers is called draughts in England. 

[9]Because this word has another acceptable spelling — hah, and because this spelling was NOT accepted as correct in the original study, we would give this word a much lower spelling difficulty factor, perhaps as low as 2.00. —Ed.

[10]The phrase per cent may be correctly spelled as percent.  Because this spelling was not accepted as a correct spelling in the original study, spelling difficulty level may be a great deal lower, perhaps as low as 5.00.

[11]May also be correctly spelled catalogues.  Catalogues is the preferred British spelling and also is used extensively in the United States and other English speaking countries.

[12]all right -- The phrase all right is so commonly misspelled in newspapers, books, and magazines as alright that alright is now listed in most popular American dictionaries as a separate entry but as a MISSPELLING.

[13]The plural of basis is bases!  In this case it is pronounced "BAY seezs."  The plural of base is bases which is pronounced "BAY sis"

[14]There were no words in The New Iowa Spelling Scale that fit into this level.  Other levels that have no representatives are:  17.80, 18.75, 18.95, 19.05, 19.15, 19.20, 19.25, 19.35, 19.45, 19.55-19.75,19.85-20.00, 20.15-21.00.  The reason for the lack of words in these levels has to do with the criteria used for selection of the words to be included in The New Iowa Spelling Scale.  The less commonly used words in spelling and reading were omitted.  Many of these would fit into the missing categories. 

[15]The American pronunciation of schedule is "SKED jul," but the British pronunciation is "SHED jul"

[16]The plural of crisis is crises ("KRY see-ss")

[17]There were no words in The New Iowa Spelling Scale that fit into this level.  Other levels that have no representatives are:  15.90, 18.75, 18.95, 19.05, 19.15, 19.20, 19.25, 19.35, 19.45, 19.55-19.75,19.85-20.00, 20.15-21.00.  The reason for the lack of words in these levels has to do with the criteria used for selection of the words to be included in The New Iowa Spelling Scale.  The less commonly used words in spelling and reading were omitted.  Many of these would fit into the missing categories. 

[18]analysis -- The plural of analysis is analyses (uh NAL uh see-zz) 

[19]There were no words in The New Iowa Spelling Scale that fit into this level.  Other levels that have no representatives are:  15.90, 17.80, 18.75, 18.95, 19.05, 19.15, 19.20, 19.25, 19.35, 19.45, 19.55-19.75,19.85-20.00, 20.15-21.00.  The reason for the lack of words in these levels has to do with the criteria used for selection of the words to be included in The New Iowa Spelling Scale.  The less commonly used words in spelling and reading were omitted.  Many of these would fit into the missing categories.

[20]The proper contraction of madam as in "Yes, sir" or "Yes madam" is ma'am.  However, the most frequent spelling encountered in print, is the misspelling "mam." 

[21]There were no words in The New Iowa Spelling Scale that fit into this level.  Other levels that have no representatives are:  15.90, 17.80, 18.75, 18.95, 19.05, 19.15, 19.20, 19.25, 19.35, 19.45, 19.55-19.75,19.85-20.00, 20.15-21.00.  The reason for the lack of words in these levels has to do with the criteria used for selection of the words to be included in The New Iowa Spelling Scale.  A great many of the less commonly used words in spelling and reading were omitted, even though many of these words are extremely useful, such as:  conscientious, psychologist, psychiatry, consciousness, etc.  Many of these would fit into the missing categories.   

Copyright (c) 1997 AVKO Educational Research Foundation.  Information may be used but the entire page may not be copied and distributed in any form without written permission from the AVKO Educational Research Foundation.  Information on this website may be used in development of educational materials provided that proper citation is given to the author Don McCabe and the book The Reading Teacher's List of Over 5,000 Basic Spelling Words in Exact Statistical Order published by the AVKO Educational Research Foundation in Birch Run, Michigan.

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