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British English and American English Spellings

British -re vs. American -er

accoutre, accoutrement accouter, accouterment
accoutrement accouterment
amphitheatre amphitheater
calibre caliber
centilitre centiliter
centimetre centimeter
centre, centres, centred, centring

centreboard centrefold centrepiece

center centers centered centering
centerboard centerfold centerpiece
decilitre deciliter
decimetre decimeter
decametre decameter
epicentre epicenter
fibre, fibreboard, fibreglass fiber, fiberboard, fiberglass
goitre goiter
kilometre kilometer
laundrette launderette
lacklustre lackluster
litre liter
lustre, lustreless luster, lusterless
manoeuvre, manoeuvrable, manoeuvrability maneuver, maneuverable, maneuverability
meagre, meagrely, meagreness meager, meagerly, meagerness
metre meter
millilitre milliliter
millimetre millimeter
mitre miter
nitre niter
outmanoeuvre outmaneuver
philtre philter (filter)
reconnoitre, reconnoitres, reconnoitred, reconnoitring reconnoiter, reconnoitered, reconnoiters, reconnoitering
sabre saber
saltpetre saltpeter
sceptre scepter
sombre, sombrely, sombreness somber, somberly, somberness
spectre, spectres specter, specters
theatre theater

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British -our vs. American -or

arbour arbor
ardour ardor
armour armor
behaviour, behavioural,

behaviourism, behaviourist

behavior, behavioral,

behaviorism, behaviorist

belabour belabor
candour candor
clamour clamor
clangour clangor
colour, coloured, colourfast, colourful, colourize, colourless color, colored, colorfast,
colorful, colorize, colorless
demeanour demeanor s
decolourise decolorize
discolour, discoloured discolor, discolored
disfavour disfavor
dishonour , dishonourable dishonor dishonorable
endeavour endeavor
favour, favourable favor, favorable
favourite, favorite, favoritism
fervour fervor
flavour, flavouring flavourless flavor, flavoring flavorless
labour, labourers, labourite labor , laborers, laborite
malodour, malodourous malodor, malodorous
misbehaviour misbehavior
misdemeanour misdemeanor
multicolour multicolor
neighbour, neighbourhood neighbourly, neighbourliness neighbor, neighborhood
neighborly, neighborliness
odour odor
parlour parlor
rancour rancor
rigour, rigours, rigourous rigor, rigors, rigorous
rumour, rumourmonger rumor, rumormonger
saviour, saviours savior, saviors
savour, savoury savor, savory
splendour splendor
succour succor
tricolour tricolor
tumour tumor
uncoloured uncolored
unfavourable, unfavourably unfavorable, unfavorably
unflavoured unflavored
unsavoury, unsavourily unsavory, unsavorily
valour valor
vapour, vapourware vapor, vaporware
varicoloured varicolored
vigour, vigourous vigor, vigorous
watercolour watercolor

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British ould, oult = American old, olt

mould, mouldings, mouldable, moulder, mouldy mold, moldings, moldable molder, moldy
moult molt
remould remold
smoulder smolder

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Miscellaneous British ou for American u

rouble, roubles ruble, rubles
Doukhobor Dukhobor

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British ae/oe/oeu/ vs. American e or eu

encyclopaedia, encyclopaedic encyclopedia, encyclopedic
leukaemia leukemia
manoeuvre, manoeuvrable, manoeuvrability maneuver, maneuverable, maneuverability
mementoes mementos
oedema, oedematous edema, edematous
oesophagus, oesophagi, oesophageal esophagus, esophagi, esophageal
oestrogen, oestrous, oestrus estrogen, estrous, estrous
orthopaedic, orthopaedist orthopedic, orthopedist
outmanoeuvre outmaneuver
paediatric, paediatrician pediatric, pediatrician
paedophile, paedophilia, paedophiliac pedophile, pedophilia, pedophiliac
palaeontology, palaeontologist, paleontology, paleontologist
seborrhoea seborrhea
septicaemia septicemia
toxaemia, toxaemic toxemia, toxemic
tularaemia tularemia
uraemia uremia

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British final e vs. American dropping the e

Miscellaneous British American
adze adz
ageing aging
annexe annex
axe ax
blameable blamable
judgement, judgemental judgment, judgmental
kindergartener kindergartner
liveable, liveability livable, livability
lodgement lodgment
misjudgement misjudgment
neurone, neurones neuron, neurons
nurseling nursling
phoney, phoneys phony, phonies
prejudgement prejudgment
rateable, rateability, rateably ratable ratability, ratably
saleable saleability salable/saleable salability
shakeable shakable
thiamine thiamin
tuneable tunable
unliveable unlivable
unmoveable unmovable
unnameable unnamable
untameable untamable

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British final unaccented -el’s & -al’s vs. American final unaccented -el’s & -al’s.

appal appall
apparel, apparelled appareled
barrels, barrelled, barrelling barrels, barreled, barreling
bedevils, bedevilled, bedevilling bedevils, bedeviled, bedeviling
bejewelled bejeweled
bevels, bevelled, bevelling bevels, beveled, beveling
cancels, cancelled, cancelling cancels, canceled, canceling
carols, carolling, caroller, carols, caroling, caroler
cavils, cavilled cavils, caviled
channelled, channelling channeled, channeling
chisels, chiselled chisels, chiseled
counsels, counselled, counselling
counsels, counseled counseling
councillor councilor
crueller, cruellest crueler, cruelest
cudgels, cudgelled, cudgelling cudgels, cudgeled cudgeling
dials, dialled, dialler dialling dials, dialed, dialer, dialing
disembowels, disembowelled disembowels, disemboweled
dishevelled disheveled
duels, duelled, duelling, dueller, duellist duels, dueled, dueling dueler,
enamel, enamels, enamelled enamel, enamels, enameled
enrol, enrols, enrolled, enrolling enroll, enrolls, enrolled, enrolling
enthral, enthrals, enthralled enthrall, enthralls, enthralled
evil, eviller, evillest evil, eviler, evilest
equals, equalled, equalling equals, equaled, equaling
fulfilment fulfillment
funnels, funnelled funnelling funnels, funneled, funneling
gambols, gambolled, gambolling gambols, gamboled, gamboling
gavels, gavelled, gavelling gavels, gaveled, gaveling
gravel, gravelled gravel, graveled

grovels, grovelled, grovelling

grovels, groveled, groveling



initials, initialled, initialling initials, initialed, initialing
jewellery jewelry
kennels, kennelled kennels, kenneled
labels, labelled, labelling labels, labeled, labeling
levels, levelled levelling levels, leveled, leveling
libels, libelled, libelling, libeller libellous libel, libeled, libeling, libeler, libelous
marshals, marshalled, marshalling marshals, marshaled, marshaling
marvels, marvelled, marvelling, marvellous marvels, marveled, marveling, marvelous
mislabels, mislabelled, mislabelling mislabels, mislabeled mislabeling
models, modelled, modelling, modeller models, modeled, modeled, modeling, modeler
panelled, panelling, panellist s paneled, paneling, panelist
parcels, parcelled, parcelling parcels, parceled parceling
pedals, pedalled, pedalling pedals, pedaled, pedaling
pummelled, pummelling pummeled, pummeling
quarrels, quarrelled, quarreller quarrels, quarreled, quarreler
ravelled, ravelling raveled, raveling
redialled, redialling redialed, redialing
refuelled, refuelling refueled, refueling
relabelled, relabelling relabeled, relabeling
remodelled, remodelling remodeled, remodeling
rivalled, rivalling rivaled, rivaling
shovelled, shovelling shoveled, shoveling
shrivelled, shrivelling shriveled, shriveling
signalled, signalling, signaller signaled, signaled, signaler
snivelling sniveling
snorkelled, snorkelling snorkeled, snorkeling
spiralled, spiralling spiraled, spiraling
stencilled, stencilling stenciled, stenciling
subtotalled, subtotalling subtotaled, subtotaling
swivelled, swivelling swiveled, swiveling
tasselled tasseled
teetotaller, teetotallers teetotaler, teetotalers
tinselled tinseled
totals, totalled, totalling totals, totaled, totaling
towels, towelled, towelling towels, toweled, toweling
trammelling trammeling
travels, travelled, travelling, traveller travels, traveled, traveler, travelers
tunnelled, tunnelling tunneled, tunneling
unravelled, unravelling unraveled, unraveling
untrammelled untrammeled
weaselling weaseling
woollen, woollens woolen, woolens
yodelled, yodelling yodeled, yodeling

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Miscellaneous English doubled and American undoubled unstressed

sequinned sequined
transferral, transferrable transferal, transferable

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Very Different British vs. American Spellings

aluminium aluminum
anticlockwise counterclockwise
artefact artifact
aubergine eggplant
beetroot beet
behove behoove
bisulphate bisulfate
bleeper beeper
bobsleigh bobsled
bureaux bureaus
callipers calipers
callisthenics calisthenics
camomile chamomile
caravanserai, caravanserais caravansary, caravansaries
carburettor carburetor
cheque, chequebook
chequer chequered chequers
check checkbook
checker checkered checkers
chilli, chillies chili, chilies
clarinettist clarinetist
cortices cortexes
defence, defenceless defensive defense, defenseless, defensive
deflexion (diferent than deflection) deflection
despatch dispatch
dextrous dexterous
disulphide disulfide
draught draughts/checkers!
draughtsman, but rough draft
draft, draftier draftiest
draftsman draftsmanship
garbage man
garbage men
enquire, enquiry inquire, inquiry
fiascos fiascoes
flexitime flextime
gaol (and jail) jail











grey, greys, greyed, greying, greybeard, greyish, greyness, greyer, greyest

gray, grays, grayed, graying, graybeard, grayish, grayness, grayer, grayest
jewellery jewelry
kerb, kerbside, kerbstone curb, curbside, curbstone
lasagne lasagna
lour, lours, loured, louring lower, lowers, lowered, lowering
lissom lissome
maestri maestro
licence (n.), license (v.) license
mina myna
mollusc mollusk
naivety naivet´┐Ż
nonplus, nonplusses, nonplussed, nonplussing nonplus, nonpluses, nonplused, nonplusing
noviciate novitiate
omelette omelet
pilaff pilaf
plonk plunk
plough plow
polythene polyethylene
postcode zip code
practice= noun
program (computer, only)
otherwise: programme, programmes
program, programs
pyjama, pyjamas pajama, pajamas
racoon raccoon
savannah, savannahs savanna, savannas
sceptic, sceptical, sceptically, scepticism skeptic, skeptical, skeptically, skepticism
sheikh, sheikhdom sheik, sheikdom
skilful, skilfully, skilfulness skillful, skillfully, skillfulness
speciality, specialities specialty, specialties
sulpha, sulphanilamide, sulphate sulphide, sulphite, sulphonamide sulphur, sulphuric sulfa, sulfanilamide, sulfate sulfide, sulfite, sulfonamide, sulfur, sulfuric
sunburnt sunburned
swot swat
thraldom thralldom
titbit tidbit
tranship, transhipment transship, transshipment
transistorise transistorize
transvestism transvestitism
tyre, tyres (lorry tyres) tire, tires (truck tires)
unploughed unplowed
unskilful, unskilfully unskillful, unskillfully
unspoilt unspoiled
whirr whir
widthways widthwise
wilful, wilfully, wilfulness willful, willfully, willfulness
yoghurt yogurt

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