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Latin and Greek Roots

For a complete listing of  all the roots and all the words available for learning using the roots,
consult The Patterns of English Spelling

Root From Meaning A Few Samples
act Latin do action activate active actor acting
acu Latin sharpen acute accurate acupuncture
aero Greek wind aeroplane aeronautics aeronautical
aesth Greek feel aesthetics anaesthesia anaesthesiologist
agrie Latin field agriculture agronomy agronomist
alt Latin high altitude altimeter
alter Latin change alternate alternative alterations altering
ambul Latin walk ambulance ambulate ambulatory amble
amo, ami Latin love amour amiable amorous amateur amity
andr Greek man Andrew android androgynous polyandry
ang Latin bend angle angular triangle triangular mangle
anima Latin life animal animated inanimate animosity
ann, enn Latin year annual perennial biennial anniversary
anthr Greek man anthropology philanthropy anthropoid
apt, ept Latin suitable apt aptitude adapt inept ineptitude
aqua Latin water aquarium Aquarius aqueous aquamarine
arch Greek chief monarch architect architecture archbishop
archae Greek old archaeology archaeologist archaic archives
art Latin skill artist artifice artificial article artistry
ast Greek star aster asterisk asteroid disaster astronaut
aud Latin hear audible auditorium audience audio audit
auto Latin self automatic automobile autograph automate

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