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The Trouble with Compound Words

When reading, a person must realize that even if one could conceivably break a seemingly compound word down into its constituent parts of separate whole words, they are not always meaningful components of the larger word.  Here is a listing of such words: words that can be broken down into separate words though they are not meaningful parts.  They can cause confusion for readers who are not yet fluent. 

See also "Notice is not Not Ice" in The Teaching of Reading

Is acetone                                                      ace                         tone                             ?

Is adhering                                                     ad                           he                         ring?

Is agate                                                          a                             gate                            ?

Is altogether                                                   Al                            together                      ?

        or                                                             Alto                         gether                         ?

Is aping                                                           a                             ping                             ?

Is area                                                            are                          a                                  ?

Is ashore                                                        ash                         ore                              ?

Is assure                                                         as                           sure                             ?

Is bandages                                                   band                       ages                           ?

Is bargaining                                                  bar                          gaining                       ?

Is barking                                                       bar                          king                             ?

Is barred                                                         bar                          red                              ?

Is barring                                                        bar                          ring                              ?

Is bathers                                                       bat                          hers                             ?

Is beam                                                          be                           am                               ?

Is beat                                                             be                           at                                 ?

Is Beatrice                                                      beat                        rice                              ?

Is beauties                                                     beau                       ties                              ?

Is began                                                         beg                         an                                ?

Is begin                                                           be                           gin                               ?

Is Bering                                                         be                           ring                              ?

Is blurred                                                        blur                         red                              ?

Is blurring                                                        blur                         ring                              ?

Is bobbled                                                      bob                         bled                             ?

Is brain                                                            bra                          in                                 ?

Is brained                                                       bra                          in                            Ed?

Is browsing                                                     brow                       sing                             ?

Is budget                                                        bud                         get                               ?

Is bumbled                                                     bum                        bled                             ?

Is bustled                                                        bust                        led                               ?

Is cabled                                                         cab                         bled                             ?

Is candidate                                                   can                         did                         ate?

Is capable                                                      cap                         able                             ?

Is capacity                                                      cap                         a                            city?

Is caprice                                                       cap                         rice                              ?

Is castled                                                        cast                        led                               ?

Is charred                                                       char                        red                              ?

Is Chopin                                                        Chop                      in                                 ?

Is chuckled                                                     chuck                     led                               ?

Is cobbled                                                      cob                         bled                             ?

Is conferred                                                    confer                     red                              ?

Is conferring                                                   confer                     ring                              ?

Is cornice                                                        corn                        ice                               ?

Is crackled                                                      crack                      led                               ?

Is crumbled                                                    crumb                     led                               ?

Is curbed                                                        cur                          bed                             ?

Is curled                                                          cur                          led                               ?

Is damage                                                      dam                        age                             ?

Is deferred                                                      defer                      red                              ?

Is deferring                                                     defer                      ring                              ?

Is disclose                                                      disc                        lose                             ?

Is dishonor                                                     dish                        on                            or?

Is feather                                                        feat                         her                               ?

Is fizzled                                                          fizz                          led                               ?

Is fortune                                                         for                           tune                             ?

Is furled                                                           fur                           led                               ?

Is handled                                                       hand                       led                               ?

Is hasten                                                         has                         ten                               ?

Is hatred                                                         hat                          red                              ?

Is Hebrides                                                    He                          brides                         ?

Is hepatitis                              he                    pat                          it                               is?

Is healthy                                                        heal                        thy                               ?

Is herring                                                        her                          ring                              ?

Is hesitate                                                       he                           sit                           ate?

Is hidden                                                         hid                          den                              ?

Is Hippocrates                                               Hippo                     crates                         ?

Is human                                                         hum                        an                                ?

Is idled                                                            id                            led                               ?

Is inherit                                                          in                            her                           it  ?

Is innate                                                          inn                          ate                               ?

Is jarred                                                          jar                           red                              ?

Is jarring                                                          jar                           ring                              ?

Is jockeyed                                                     jock                        eyed                            ?

Is justice                                                         just                          ice                               ?

Is kindled                                                        kind                        led                               ?

Is knowledge                                                  know                      ledge                          ?

Is ladled                                                          lad                          led                               ?

Is madam                                                       ma                          dam                            ?

Is Madame                                                     Ma                          dame                          ?

Is malady                                                        ma                          lady                             ?

Is malice                                                         ma                          lice                              ?

Is managed                                                    man                        aged                           ?

Is maties                                                         ma                          ties                              ?

Is measure                                                     me                          a                          sure?

Is melee                                                          me                          lee                               ?

Is membership                                               members                                              hip?

Is menace                                                      men                        ace                              ?

Is menswear                                                  men                        swear                          ?

Is message                                                    mess                      age                             ?

Is needled                                                      need                       led                               ?

Is needles                                                       need                       Les                              ?

Is needless                                                     need                       less                             ?

Is nestled                                                        nest                        led                               ?

Is niceties                                                       nice                        ties                              ?

Is nineties                                                       nine                        ties                              ?

Is nitrates                                                        nit                           rates                           ?

Is nothing                                                        no                           thing                            ?

Is notice                                                          not                          ice                               ?

Is notion                                                          not                          ion                               ?

Is novice                                                         no                           vice                             ?

Is occurred                                                     occur                      red                              ?

Is occurring                                                    occur                      ring                              ?

Is offend                                                          off                           end                              ?

Is office                                                           off                           ice                               ?

Is often                                                            of                            ten                               ?

Is onion                                                           on                           ion                               ?

Is packages                                                   pack                       ages                           ?

Is pageant                                                      page                      ant                               ?

Is palace                                                         pal                          ace                              ?

Is palaces                                                       pa                           laces                           ?

Is parking                                                       par                          king                             ?

Is parred                                                         par                          red                              ?

Is passion                                                       pass                       ion                               ?

Is pawed                                                         pa                           wed                             ?

Is peeking                                                      pee                         king                             ?

is peasant                                                      peas                       ant                               ?

Is pickled                                                        pick                        led                               ?

Is pigeon                                                        pig                          eon                              ?

Is pimpled                                                      pimp                       led                               ?

Is placebo                                                      place                      Bo                               ?

Is pleasant                                                      pleas                      ant                               ?

Is pleasure                                                     plea                        sure                             ?

Is Plymouth                                                     Ply                          mouth                          ?

Is Poetry                                                         Poe                        try                                ?

Is portion                                                        port                         ion                               ?

Is postage                                                      post                        age                             ?

is potatoes                                                     pot                          a                          toes?

Is preferred                                                    prefer                     red                              ?

Is preferring                                                    prefer                     ring                              ?

Is prepaid                                                       prep                       aid                               ?

Is prepare                                                       prep                       are                              ?

Is product                                                       pro                          duct                             ?

Is profit                                                            pro                          fit                                 ?

Is profitable                                                    pro                          fit                          able?

Is program                                                      pro                          gram                           ?

Is proportion                                                   pro                          port                        ion?

Is propose                                                      pro                          pose                           ?

Is proposition                                                 pro                          position                      ?

Is protest                                                        pro                          test                              ?

Is Protestant                                                   pro                          test                         ant?

Is provision                                                     pro                          vision                          ?

Is ragout                                                         rag                          out                               ?

Is rambled                                                      ram                         bled                             ?

Is rankled                                                        rank                        led                               ?

Is rather                                                          rat                           her                               ?

Is referred                                                       refer                       red                              ?

Is restate                                                        rest                         ate                               ?

Is restore                                                        rest                         ore                              ?

Is restrain                                                       rest                         rain                              ?

Is ribbed                                                         rib                           bed                             ?

Is Rodin                                                          Rod                        in                                 ?

Is rumbled                                                      rum                         bled                             ?

Is rustled                                                         rust                         led                               ?

Is safeties                                                       safe                        ties                              ?

Is sampled                                                     Sam                       pled                             ?

Is sawed                                                         saw                        Ed                               ?

Is scarred                                                       scar                        red                              ?

Is scrambled                                                  scram                     bled                             ?

Is seeking                                                       see                         king                             ?

Is shackled                                                     shack                     led                               ?

Is Sheraton                                                     she                         rat                           on?

Is sheriff                                                          she                         riff                                ?

Is simile                                                          si                            mile                             ?

Is singled                                                        sing                        led                               ?

Is slurred                                                         slur                         red                              ?

Is slurring                                                        slur                         ring                              ?

Is Socrates                                                     So                          crates                         ?

Is solace                                                         so                           lace                             ?

Is solace                                                         sol                          ace                              ?

Is solid                                                            so                           lid                                 

Is sparking                                                     spar                        king                             ?

Is spaceshot                                                  spaces                   hot                                

Is sparkled                                                     spark                      led                               ?

Is sparred                                                       spar                        red                              ?

Is sportswear                                                 sport                       swear                          ?

Is spurned                                                      spur                        Ned                             ?

Is spurred                                                       spur                        red                              ?

Is spurring                                                      spur                        ring                              ?

Is squawking                                                  squaw                    king                             ?

Is stabled                                                        stab                        led                               ?

Is starred                                                        star                         red                              ?

Is starring                                                       star                         ring                              ?

Is startled                                                        start                        led                               ?

Is Stephen                                                      Step                       hen                              ?

Is Stephenson                                                Step                       hens                        on?

Is stepson                                                       steps                      on                                ?

Is stepstool                                                     steps                      tool                              ?

Is stirred                                                         stir                          red                              ?

Is stirring                                                         stir                          ring                              ?

Is stubbed                                                      stub                        bed                             ?

Is stubborn                                                     stub                        born                            ?

Is subtleties                                                    subtle                     ties                              ?

Is surface                                                        surf                         ace                              ?

Is tackled                                                        tack                        led                               ?

Is tamales                                                       tam                         ales                             ?

Is tarred                                                          tar                           red                              ?

Is tarring                                                         tar                           ring                              ?

Is THEIRS                                                      THE                        IRS                              ?

Is therapist                                                     the                          rapist                          ?

Is three-tiered                                                three                       tie                          red?

Is tickled                                                         tick                         led                               ?

Is tomboy                                                        tomb                       oy                                ?

Is toreador                                                      to                            read                         or?

Is tornado                                                       torn                         ado                             ?

Is township                                                     towns                     hip                               ?

Is toyshop                                                       toys                        hop                              ?

Is trafficking                                                    traffic                      king                             ?

Is trampled                                                     tramp                     led                               ?

Is transferred                                                  transfer                  red                              ?

Is transferring                                                 transfer                  ring                              ?

Is trickled                                                        trick                        led                               ?

Is turnstile                                                       turns                       tile                               ?

Is tweedled                                                     tweed                     led                               ?

Is twined                                                         twin                         Ed                               ?

Is unclean                                                       uncle                      an                                ?

Is warbled                                                       war                         bled                             ?

Is wassail                                                       was                        sail                              ?

Is whirred                                                        whir                        red                              ?

Is whirring                                                       whir                        ring                              ?

Is whistled                                                      whist                       led                               ?

Is wintry                                                           win                          try                                ?

Is whosever                                                    who                        sever                           ?

Is wombat                                                       womb                     at                                 ?

Is yardstick                                                     yards                      tick                              ?

Is yourself                                                       yours                      elf                                ?

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