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Samples from the AVKO Materials


We offer samples of some of our products so that you can see what they look like and even sample lessons to see if our products will work with your students and/or children.  Many of our samples require Adobe Reader 5.0 or later. 

Sample Pages from the Books (PDF):

Full Chapter Samples of To Teach a Dyslexic:

From The Teaching of Reading and Spelling: a Continuum from Kindergarten through College
Available as a FREE e-book for AVKO Members.

 The Patterns of English Spelling combined with Word Families in Sentence Context:
Available as a FREE e-book for AVKO Members.

Sample (PDF)

Volume Index (PDF)

Volumes 1-10 Sample

Volumes 1-10 Index

Volume 1 Sample - CVC Words

Volume 1 Index

Volume 2 Sample - CVCC Words

Volume 2 Index

Volume 3 Sample - CV, CVV, CVCe Words Volume 3 Index
Volume 4 Sample - CVVC Words Volume 4 Index
Volume 5 Sample - W & R Controls Volume 5 Index
Volume 6 Sample - Basic Suffixes Volume 6 Index
Volume 7 Sample - The Ending Y's Volume 7 Index
Volume 8 Sample - Power Suffixes Volume 8 Index
Volume 9 Sample - Advanced Patterns Volume 9 Index
Volume 10 Sample - Prefixes, Roots, and Suffixes Volume 10 Index

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