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Downloads to aid in your AVKO experience:

  • Adobe Reader
    Adobe Reader is necessary to view the PDFs on our website.  All of our samples and much of our information are available for PDF downloads.  Additionally, all of the e-books are in PDF.
  • RealPlayer
    RealPlayer is necessary to view the RealMedia (RM) video files in our video section. 

Other software you might enjoy:

  • Firefox
    Firefox is the open-source web browser with all of the customizability, safety, and sleek design that you need.
  • Thunderbird
    From the makers of Firefox. Thunderbird is a great solution for e-mail management.
  • Open Office
    Can't afford Microsoft Office?  No worries!  Download Open Office and get the open-source facsimile of Office with all of the features you need. 
  • iTunes
    Get one of the most popular music players around. 
  • Audacity
    A free audio recording program.  Great for recording dictation sentences, spelling word lists, etc.

Free Services:

  • Free Tech Support is a great service that offers tech support via e-mail for free.

Shareware and Freeware Resources
Contributed by a Member

Much can be said for acquiring something for free or sharing resources.  Today's topic focuses on shareware and freeware resources. Most of the software and hardware products for adult learners cost money. However, if you're savvy enough, by taking the time to learn about freeware and shareware you can find a lot of software and hardware that can be used in your classroom without breaking the bank.

Check out the following Freeware and you won't be disappointed. Keep in mind that some of the sites below focus on K-12 settings.  Freeware refers to software distributed at no charge.

The following programs convert E-text into synthetic speech (audio) and save it in MP3 format:

Know of a great resource? Let us know and we can share it with others!

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