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Free Daily Tutoring

AVKO offers free daily tutoring at its AVKO Reading Clinic.  The accent is on daily.  For dyslexics to learn to read and spell, they must receive tutoring on a daily basis.  If tutoring is done only once or twice a week, it becomes a waste of time and money.   If AVKO charged a rather normal rate of $60.00 an hour, only the very rich could afford daily tutoring at the foundation.   If AVKO were to charge at a rate of $5.00 an hour which many could afford, people might think that AVKO's tutoring isn't worth very much.  Hence, AVKO does its tutoring pro bono.  However, because we do not like being taken advantage of, we do charge $20.00 to start back up.  That is,  if for any reason, a tutoring session is missed, a start up charge of $20.00 is assessed.  No exceptions.

Training for Parents

For those who cannot commute to the AVKO, we do train parents to use the special AVKO materials at home on a daily basis.  For parents who cannot come to the AVKO Reading Clinic for training we have materials that are parent-friendly, the book, If it is up to be, it is up to me.  We also have lesson plans for an adult community education course for parents who want to learn how to tutor their children.  These lesson plans are free to any school system that will start such a class.  Contact us for more information.

Boarding Students

At any given time, AVKO may have students living at the Foundation and receiving free daily tutoring.  As space is limited, we rarely have more than one or two.  We have had a 19 year-old from Denmark, a 20 year-old from Texas, a 15-year-old from Indiana, a 21-year-old from Pennsylvania, a 19 year-old from Michigan, and a 61 year-old from Germany.  There is, however, a charge for room and board as well as the materials used.  

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