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AVKO has a video that shows Don McCabe working with a 17 year-old dyslexic.

To Teach a Dyslexic Video Clips

Watch Don McCabe as he takes a 17-year-old dyslexic through his first lesson at the AVKO Educational Research Foundation.  You will be able to watch the young man's face as he discovers that Mr. McCabe has "tricked him" into being able to read and spell instantly the word malicious!

But it's not trickery.  It's based on solid educational principles.  McCabe, a dyslexic himself, has discovered that it is the ends of "big" words that determine how the beginnings are pronounced and that it is the endings of words that often use different, albeit consistent, phonic patterns.  Isn't that nice.  But notice, notice is not not ice

Full You Can't Teach what You Know if You Don't Know You Know It Video

Full To Teach a Dyslexic Video

You may also request either video on a CD or a DVD if you would prefer.   

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