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Here are some research questions for those looking to receive grants for the study of spelling and/or its relationship to literacy.

  1. A baseline study of spelling using 8,000-10,000 words to determine what percentage of students from grades 1 through 12 can spell each word.
  2. A longitudinal study of the effectiveness of intervention techniques including those of AVKO's as compared to traditional methods of teaching spelling.
  3. A longitudinal study of the effectiveness of AVKO's sequential spelling approach used in conjunction with major textbook approaches.
  4. A longitudinal study of the effectiveness of AVKO's dictation approach to teaching the proper spelling of speech patterns to eliminate the "phonetic" spellings of "usta" for used to; "sposta" for supposed to; "should of" for should have (or should've); "whudja" for what did you," etc.

For over thirty years, AVKO has  been searching for any grant-giving organization (even governmental!) that does not automatically eliminate the four above studies from consideration for funding because these studies would not fit within their parameters for giving.

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