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Many students struggle with reading cursive and other styles of writing, especially in the beginning stages of reading. Readings for Fluency is a set of practice sentences to help the adult reader (from 6-96) achieve automaticity in responding to common words no matter whether they are hand printed, all in CAPITAL LETTERS, or written in cursive.  These easily decodable sentences are great for beginning readers or those who struggle with reading cursive.  From sentence to sentence, different scripts are used to help achieve fluency with the different styles of writing. 

Readings for Fluency is especially great for training students to not memorize the pictures that words make, but see the constituent letters that make up the sounds of the word.  Just look at the letter A.  A, a, a, and A all look completely different. 

Catalog # W260 - $15.00
8� x 11      64 pages in 3 ring Binder     ISBN:  1-56400-011-7



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