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220 Names/Faces, 220 Dolch Words

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220 Names/Faces, 220 Dolch Words Are Too Many for Students
with Memories like Mine

by Don McCabe 


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  • This pamphlet is available as a free (PDF) download as part of the samples for The Teaching of Reading: A Continuum from Kindergarten through College (of which this is also a chapter). 
  • Contains the entire Dolch list of 220 sight words arranged by vowel sounds with all the basic words that share the same pattern. Why just teach the Dolch word ate when you can also teach date, gate, late, plate, slate, Kate, skate, rate, crate, state, grate, and hate?
  • The exhaustive list of 220 sight words was reduced to a manageable 50 words that have to be learned by "sight", or memorization; the other 170 words were found to be sufficiently patterned enough to be taught within their word family, greatly reducing the stress and reliance on the visual aspect of these words. 
  • This pamphlet contains flash cards that can be used for teaching these sight words, with the sight word on the front and a list of other common words that are in the same word family on the back.
  • Great as an inexpensive handout for teacher workshops.

In the Short A (CVC) Section

Dolch Words

Related Family Words to teach with the Dolch Words

cap cap nap rap wrap  
  lap snap trap tap  
  clap map strap gap  
  flap chap scrap zap  
  slap pap sap yap  

Homophones:  rap/wrap

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