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"It-ss and Tooze", Apostrophes, and The I Before E Made Easy
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The I Before E Set is really a collection of 3 books in 1.  It contains The It-ss & Too'z, a book that gets students to see the difference between the It-ss (its / it's) and the Too'z (to, two, too) with exercises; Apostrophes Made Easy, a book that gets students to know when to use an apostrophe and when not to; and The Complete I Before E Rule, a book that gives the complete I Before E Rule and gives student exercises to develop mastery.

Perfect for working on those problem areas, the I Before E Set will help your students master these often hard-to-remember differences and save your red pens some ink! 

Catalog #W720    $15.00   8 � X 11"    ISBN: 1-56400-013-3


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