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AVKO offers materials for teaching how to teach reading, beginning reading and phonics, exercises to enhance fluency and reduce reliance on the "picture" that words make, and comprehension exercises. 

Textbook for understanding how to teach reading using the AVKO Method:

The Teaching of Reading and Spelling: A Continuum from Kindergarten through College

Free as an e-book with membership

Full of helpful instruction tips on how to teach reading and spelling for homeschoolers or classroom teachers. 

Curriculum for Beginning Readers:

Starting at Square One

Free as an e-book with membership

Teach beginning reading skills, spelling, handwriting, and even keyboarding all at once using fully decodable exercises. 

Additional Exercises to Reinforce Reading Skills:

Word Families in Sentence Context

Free as an e-book with membership

Use these sentences for vocabulary building, sentences to accompany your Sequential Spelling lessons, dictation exercises, or choral readings. 

Readings for Fluency

Increase reading speed and accuracy with sentences that are presented in different scripts.

Engaging Language Kits 1-7

Pages from Word Families in Sentence Context are included that correspond to the word families taught in each level of Sequential Spelling.  Users are encouraged to type out and collect the stories created from the creative writing prompts for later reading exercises that are of interest to the student because he created the content.  Exercises using proverbs are also included.


Readings for Comprehension

Focus on comprehension with our free readings, many of which have a humorous component to gauge understanding immediately.  Even more are available with membership.

Learn more about how to use Readings for Comprehension

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