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Where Do I Start?
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View the starting page for your situation above (homeschooler, teacher, etc.) or view the frequently asked questions below.  If you do not fit into one of these broad categories, contact us for more specific information.

I am homeschooling my child. He is ten years old but reads like a six-year-old. 

I would recommend using Individualized Keyboarding. Be sure to read the directions on how to use it to improve his reading and spelling. It is in the back of the book. If you are an AVKO member, you will be able to access the pages in The Patterns of English Spelling. This will enable you to have fun timed composition exercises to begin the process of achieving fluency in writing.  See also Engaging Language Kits for more fun exercises to enhance your spelling program.

I have been homeschooling all my children and have never had a problem until little Alfred came along. He is having trouble even learning his alphabet.

After having had no problem as a homeschool teacher teaching children to read, having one child that seemingly can't learn, is not an uncommon happening. Odds are your child is one of the 15% who are dyslexic. But not to worry. Your child can learn. I would suggest that you begin with Starting at Square One. Please be sure to read the directions on how to give the lessons and the phonics. This is located toward the back of the book. Consult the table of contents. The most important thing to remember is to have fun. The second most important thing is to limit learning sessions to fifteen minutes.

I am a parent of a teenager who reads well above grade level, but no one can read what he writes. Both his spelling and his handwriting is absolutely atrocious

This is not as uncommon as one would think. Part of the problem of the atrocious handwriting is related to his lack of confidence in spelling. What might look like two e’s with a dot somewhere in between them can be read as ei or ie, whichever is right. Still, you can help your son improve his handwriting simply by insisting on clarity. The old military routine that can help him keep in shape of “ordering pushups” for each illegible word works wonders.

I am a teacher with students who constantly misspell simple words such as its and it's, there, their, and they're, forget to use apostrophes or else decorate their writings with them and use them for everything

Rather than you decorating your students’ papers with red circles around the misspelled its or it’s, the wrong there, their, or they’re, etc., you might try the “puzzle” approach. You correct their papers the way you normally except for these words. You just count them and at the end of the paper write the number of errors on these words they have to find and correct. You can also help them become more aware of these problems by having daily dictation of two sentences from Speech to Spelling.

I am a parent of a teenager who just plain can't read anything or spell. He wants to learn but he doesn't want to work with kiddy books

For any teenager who just “can’t” read or spell anything, I would start him with Starting at Square One. I would make sure that he understands that even though it starts with simple words such as a, baa, cab, dad, it builds rapidly and he will learn rapidly. Have him master the handwriting (manuscript and cursive) and the keyboarding element. Keyboarding is a great aid in as much as both hands and both hemispheres of the brain are being used simultaneously

I’m a parent just starting homeschooling or one who just needs help.

See our main page for homeschoolers and our article on homeschooling methods.  Then contact us for a free curriculum consultation.

If you are still not sure where to begin, please contact us.

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