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Every so often, we make revisions to our materials, change the covers, change the binding, or have books with warped pages, bent or dog-eared pages, or binding damage.  AVKO does not believe in the wasting of paper or perfectly good (though perhaps not the newest or prettiest) materials that our customers would be willing to buy for a price break. 

These clearance items are priced at 40% off the current retail price (for most clearance items) and still have all of the same shipping and handling charges applied as normal orders.  See ordering procedures and policies for more information.  There is a rolling stock of these materials and we do not have availability on every product that we currently carry.   AVKO does not guarantee availability of any of our clearance materials, and they are sold as-is with a no-return policy

Members receive books for an additional 10% off (50% off).  Become a member today.

All materials are guaranteed to include all pages. 

To Order Clearance Items:

Use the following form to send a request for clearance items or call toll-free 1-866-AVKO-612 and speak with Gloria, or e-mail her.

Once you have submitted the form, an AVKO customer service representative will get back to you as to the availability of the materials and complete the order via telephone. 

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Currently available materials for discounted pricing:
(Member prices in parentheses.)
Note: Prices and Availability subject to change without notice

  • Sequential Spelling individual levels (No free response books) - $8.97 each ($7.48)
    All levels of Sequential Spelling currently currently available individually
  • Sequential Spelling for Adults (1 and 2) - $8.97 ($7.48)
  • To Teach a Dyslexic - $8.97 ($7.48)
  • The Patterns of English Spelling individual volumes 1-5 - $23.97 ($19.98) each
    These volumes do include the Word Families in Sentence Context sentences, but in a separate section in the back of the book.
  • Great Idea Reprint Series individual pamphlets - $1.00 ($1.00)
    These pamphlets provide information on a very specific topic. To order one or more of these pamphlets, enter the title(s) into the comments field below.
    • A Common Sense Approach to Controlled Word Lists
    • The New AVKO Pre- and Post- Diagnostic Spelling Test on 100 of the Most Common Phonograms in the English Language (includes the Student's and Teacher's Edition)
    • A Sentence Dictation Test That Covers Over 300 of the Most Commonly Used Words
    • An L.D. Screening Device That Can Be Given to Entire Schools
    • Sample Word Family Puzzles that Special Education Students Can Create
    • English Spelling: The Simple, the Fancy, the Insane, the Tricky, and the Scrunched Up
    • Survey Tests for Types 1-5 Words: The Simple, the Fancy, the Insane, the Tricky, and the Scrunched Up
    • Suggested Order for Diagnosis and Remediation of the Simple Patterns
    • Suggested Order for Diagnosis and Remediation of the Fancy Patterns
    • Suggested Order for Diagnosis and Remediation of the Insane Patterns
    • Suggested Order for Diagnosis and Remediation of the Tricky Patterns
    • Suggested Order for Diagnosis and Remediation of the Scrunched Up Patterns
    • The Case of the Invisible Y or Why is there a Y in You and not in union, Eunice, and huge?
    • How to Develop Your Own Sequential Spelling Tests
    • How to Evaluate Your Present Spelling System
    • An Index of Phonic Patterns by Vowel Types
    • The Three Different Words Spelled H-A-V-E
    • The Three "TOOZE": too, two, and to
    • The SQ3R Reading Formula Really Works
    • A Listing of Phonic Patterns for Older Students
    • Underlining or Highlighting: Cueing the Computer Brain
    • The Proper Editing of Notes: The Key to Successful Learning
    • Building a Better Vocabulary the Lazy Man's Way
    • Statues and Sanctuaries, or A Practical Use of Miscue Analysis: Building Egos/ Self-Esteem
    • Learning about the Learning-to-Read Process by Teaching Yourself to Read and Write Upside Down
    • Comprehension/Schema Theory: A Practical Application
    • Reading Improvement through SITDOWN: Student Individualized Teacher-Directed with Students Correcting their OWN.
    • Taking the sting out of Testing When Giving Word Recognition Tests to Special Education Students

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