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Website Quality Control Guidelines

This is by no means an exhaustive list, but here are some of the items for which you should be watchful when proofreading and doing quality control of the website.  This should be your baseline.  If you have other suggestions of new sections of the website, specific resources, other curriculum information, or functionality of the website, please let us know.


  • Opening of links:
    • Internal links--a page within the website--open within the same frame/window/tab
    • External links--a page outside of the website--open in a new frame/window/tab
  • Internal and especially external links are still active (not "dead")
  • The upper left AVKO logo is a hyperlink to the homepage on each page
  • Link text ("anchor text") is relevant, explicit, and clear.
    • Anchor text describes the linked page (does NOT use "click here" or similar)
    • If a space follows the link, the space is not part of the link (underlined).
  • AVKO book titles are italicized and links.
  • Other (internal and external) relevant links are listed.
  • Where appropriate, images on page are links.
  • Links do not link to the page on which that link is located (unless it is a "bookmark" to a specific spot on the page using the # tag)

On Each Page:

  • "Breadcrumb trail" of "parent links"
  • Google custom search bar at bottom of page
  • Google banner advertisement at bottom of page (except 404 page, success/fail pages, etc.)
  • Donate | Contact | Sitemap at bottom of body of page

Functionality of Forms:

  • Buy Now buttons are functional (successfully add 1 of the desired product to the shopping cart)
  • Search forms work

Spelling and Grammar:

  • Page is free of superficial and advanced spelling and grammar errors
    • Run-on sentences
    • Misspellings
    • Subject-verb agreement
    • Proper italicization and capitalization
    • Proper punctuation
  • Words that are referred to are italicized or in quotes (e.g., the phrase "id est" is Latin)
  • Other


  • Pages have a clear hierarchy of headings and sub-headings, with formatting that cues this.
  • Bulleted lists do not have gaps between bullets
  • Site template is consistent and proper:
    • Borders line up from top to bottom
    • Grey (not white) background
    • Each page has top "splash" screen with column of links, AVKO logo, pics, etc.
  • Formatting is consistent within each page and with the rest of the site
  • Pictures are properly sized for the page
  • Text formatting is appropriate and not overdone (no excessive formatting of font size, color, italics, underlining, highlighting, bolding, etc.)
  • Avoid excessive scrolling; long pages should be broken up into smaller pages or page "bookmarks" and "back to top" links should be used.
  • General aesthetic comments


  • Ease of navigation throughout the site
  • Contact information is listed as Birch Run, MI 48415 and NOT Clio, MI 48420
  • Other

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