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What is Phonemic Awareness all about?

Speaker:  Don McCabe, Noted Author of To Teach a Dyslexic and The Patterns of English Spelling

Participants will learn:

  • What phonemic awareness is and is not.

  • That nearly 100% of the audience will fail to be aware of one or more phonemes when McCabe plays one short word on a tape recorder.  Only after the word has been written will the participants be able to hear all the phonemes.

  • The Difference between Phonics and Phonemics and Phonetics.

  • That most criticism of the way phonics is currently being taught has some truth in it.  Most phonic programs have serious flaws.

  • To identify the five types of English spellings:  The simple, the fancy, the insane, the tricky, and the scrunched up.

  • What most students never learn unless they're taught, including many of the gifted.

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