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The Most Misunderstood Approach to Teaching Reading

Speaker:  Don McCabe, Noted Author of To Teach a Dyslexic and The Patterns of English Spelling

Participants will learn:

  • The more scientific the definition, the more likely it is to be accepted by the academic community and the more likely it is to be dangerously far from the truth.

  • The Difference between Phonics and Phonemics and Phonetics.

  • That most criticism of the way phonics is currently being taught has some truth in it.  Most phonic programs have serious flaws.  They assume that the spelling/sound relationship progresses neatly left to right.  It does in little words such as cat, man, and girl.  But watch out for "Ma, Mag, Magi, Magic, Magician
    or dem, demo, demon, demons, demonstrate, demonstrative!

  • To identify the five types of English spellings:  The simple, the fancy, the insane, the tricky, and the scrunched up.

  • What most students never learn unless they're taught, including many of the gifted.

Participants will receive  special AVKO handouts that will:

  • enable them to evaluate any spelling program,

  • construct their own sequential spelling program based upon their students' needs,

  • learn how to help students learn without having to study word lists and without having to copy, copy, copy, copy, copy, copy, copy.

  • learn how to help students learn to spell without having to waste precious after-school-at-home-time correcting papers.

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