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Speaker:  Don McCabe, Noted Author of To Teach a Dyslexic and The Patterns of English Spelling

Participants will learn what research reveals about the following topics:

  • How to use the AVKO diagnostic/prescriptive tests and how to quickly locate all the words in any word family, all the words that share a common suffix such as -ment, -ful, -cial, -ssion, etc., or all the words using a Latin or Greek root such as -ject- in The Patterns of English Spelling.

  • How AVKO's Sequential Spelling Can Help All Students or How to Create Your Own Sequential Spelling Tests.

  • How Handwriting Exercises or Keyboarding Can Be Used to "Smuggle" in Phonics,  Vocabulary Building, Old Fashioned Basic Grammar, and Spelling.

  • How to Use AVKO's Word Families in Sentence Context or How to Get Students to Help You Create Reading Materials.

  • What most students never learn unless they're taught, including many of the gifted.

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